What was the worst defeat suffered by a president running for reelection?

Wasn’t Ted given the boot by his party and running as a third-party candidate (The name Bullmoose Party comes to mind).

Reagan won Wisconsin in '84.

It was Minnesota, Mondales home state, that Reagan lost by only 3761 votes.

He failed to get the Republican nomination, but he wasn’t President then. Taft was.

Roosevelt voluntarily left the Presidency in 1908 and sought the election of his selected successor, Taft. But Roosevelt felt that Taft didn’t follow his policies as closely as Roosevelt wanted and so came charging into battle. He did well in primaries for the Republican nomination but in that era those weren’t as important as the slates controlled by party bosses and those were mostly loyal to Taft. Roosevelt became the official candidate of the Progressive Party in 1912. That got the unofficial nickname of the Bull Moose party when Roosevelt, who had had a serious illness, declared he felt as fit as bull moose.

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And in which of these diud the incumnbent suffer a defeat?:dubious:

And a a bumper sticker I saw in the early 70’s: “Don’t Blame Me, I’m From Massachusetts”

Hijack: Also lead to the saying during Watergate: Don’t blame me. I’m from Massachusetts.

I know that, for many people, the frozen states, full of nice people, tend to blur together. :smiley:

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Of the five, only one (Franklin Pierce) was an elected President, the others were VPs who took over after the death of a POTUS.

which ones?

Grant was not the sitting president, but as a former President he attempted to secure the 1880 Republican nomination and failed.

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Franklin Piece wasn’t even renominated by his party in 1856. Can’t get worse than that running for re-election.

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Pierce, Tyler, Fillmore, Andrew Johnson, and Arthur. Pierce was the only one who had been elected president, all the others were vice presidents who ascended after death of the elected president.

I saw one during that time that said, “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Helen Gahagan Douglas.”

(Douglas, labeled as the “Pink Lady” by Nixon, lost to him in their 1950 Senate race. Now there’s an apple named after her. :D)

LBJ quit the race in early 1968 probably because it looked like he had a good chance of not getting the Dem nomination that year.

Nah, he knew he could get renominated (the Democratic Party was a lot less transparent and primary-driven in those days) but he knew he was quickly losing public support and might lose in the general election. Also, George Wallace had announced his third-party candidacy in February. Johnson may have figured that, even if he could’ve beaten the Republicans with a unified Democratic Party, he couldn’t win with a 3-way split among Democrats. (Yes, Truman pulled it off, but 1948 was not 1968.)

"Hollywood has oft tried to mix
Show business with politics.
From Helen Gahagan
to… Ronald Reagan?"

  • Tom Lehrer, showing off his incredible rhyming talent.

In the early 60s, when Reagan was running for Governor. The idea of him one day becoming President was all but inconceivable.

Johnson was actually a Democrat; he ran with Lincoln in 1864 as part of a “unity” ticket. He tried, but, unsurprisingly, he never won much support in the GOP.