What was your favorite Twilight Zone episode?

I hate that episode. Twilight Zones are all about getting their comeuppance- but he is not a bad person at all. His only “crime” is that he likes to read.

My fave is

We concur here.

Second fave is-

See above.

Also a great one.

Among others not mentioned:

“The Howling Man” - A traveler finds shelter with some monks who may have captured Satan.

“The Odyssey of Flight 33” - A passenger jet flies back in time. “The “dinosaur sequence” was credited to Jack H. Harris, and used a brontosaurus model taken from Dinosaurus! (1960). The expense of the two brief shots ran $2,500, making it the most expensive footage in the original The Twilight Zone (1959).” - "The Twilight Zone" The Odyssey of Flight 33 (TV Episode 1961) - Trivia - IMDb

“Little Girl Lost” - Inspiration for Poltergeist (1982).

The Nightmare at 20.000 Feet (Shatner version)

Especially on a cloudy day when it can’t be seen, I can’t hear a jet overhead without thinking of Serling’s closing narrative about engines that sound somehow lost and searching, and I want to throw up a flare, as he urged.

My personal favorite as well. An epitome of “show, don’t tell”.

(yes, I know the poster I’m quoting is not an active board member, but why type all the information again? A peril of ancient threads looming forth with the funk of forty thousand years!)

Exactly because who are the monsters?

I too love “One For the Angels”. As heart-rending as it is in places, it’s a rare TZ episode that is also side-splittingly funny, when the G-Man-like Mr. Death totally falls apart–and for–Lew’s pitch: “I’ll buy all you’ve got!”

It’s interesting to compare the American and British versions of that show.

In the first one, filmed in 1958, the betrayed wife/murderer was played by Barbara Bel Geddes, “Miz Ellie” on Dallas. She gave a very subdued performance that suited the character perfectly.

In the second, filmed in 1979, the wife was played by a young Susan George. Her performance, opposite Brian Blessed, is very good but completely different. She’s very convincing as a hysterical housewife who claims to have come home from the store only to find her husband dead.

Alfred Hitchcock Presents S03E28 Lamb to the Slaughter


I think my favorite TZ episode is this one, not least because Sebastian Cabot was cast perfectly! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

The Twilight Zone 1959 S01E28 A Nice Place to Visit on Vimeo

The Invaders.

The After Hours.

“Mr. Bevis”
A lovable loser is visited by his guardian angel, and given a chance to turn his life around.
It’s a cutesy, not serious at all episode.
They did another almost identical episode with a female lead. A little more serious, but not as memorable.

It’s called “Eye of the Beholder.” (And yes I know this thread is from 2005, I was just surprised I hadn’t seen that title listed yet.

A Game of Pool

Just two guys in a pool hall, talking. Simple and brilliant.

“Cavender is Coming”, starring Carol Burnett.

Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?

“IT’S A COOKBOOK!” :astonished:

Third from the Sun. I actually got to watch this one not long ago 90% unspoiled, so spoilerblurring the reveal. Though it’s fully guessable, there are nice touches:

A family in what appears to be midcentury Earth hijacks a rocket to escape nuclear war. Naturally what they’re escaping to is the real Earth, but the fun, as with many other episodes, is the misdirection, and noticing the clues after the fact – the teenagers’ dance records are incredibly eerie, the cars make a bizarre whirring sound, and so forth. Even the artwork in the family’s period-perfect split-level ranch, on the face of it “progressive” or avant-garde (this is a family who bucks typical midcentury patriotic conservatism), is fully alien in retrospect.

This one is good too:

Of Late I Think of Cliffordville - Wikipedia

That was Alfred Hitchcock Presents, not TZ - and they never found the weapon because she cooked it for them, and they literally ate the evidence. (Speaking of AHP, this was a prime example of the network’s insistence that Hitchcock include an epilogue where “justice was done in the end” - in this case, she tried it again, but it was partially thawed and didn’t kill the victim.)

Did I just respond to a 19-year-old post?

Earlier this year I received a copy of Everything I Need to Know I Learned in the Twilight Zone, a terrific book about Rod Serling’s personal philosophy, and how Mark Dawidziak believes it is expressed in the stories told in The Twilight Zone. I obtained all the series and am watching my way through, now and then, and reading about each episode afterwards, following the order that the “lessons” are covered in the book. The Amazon link above provides a surprisingly generous sample with many of the first few lessons. I’m sure most fans will love it.