What would be worse than blowing up the Taj Mahal?

Angkor Wat.

And contents therein. Hell, let’s just say all of Italy…St Mark’s Venice, all of Florence, Pantheon…

This is more of a question, but what about:

Machu Picchu
Mt. Rushmore
Rock of Gibraltar
Panama Canal
Suez Canal

And if somehow the natural beauty of these places could be eradicated:

Niagara Falls
Grand Canyon
Mammoth Cave
Mt. Fuji

Since the Taj Mahal is old, undeniably beautiful and a testament to undying love, its loss would crush me more than most of the other things listed.

Of course, blowing up anything filled with people would be pretty awful. But if all above buildings and/or monuments had no people in them and were blown up, I think I would be most upset about the Taj Mahal.

Any museum or gallery that holds a lot of really precious art would also be pretty terrible. The Lourve, the Sistine Chapel, et cetera.

Since this is basically a poll, I’ll move it to IMHO for you.

Cajun Man
for the SDMB

The best protection is obscurity, so I’ll keep my choice of the list.

I’m pretty sure bits of it have been blown up already.

Blowing up the Kaaba. (Well, it wouldn’t really tear me up, emotionally, but all the people who’d die in World Wars III through V would probably mind.)

Personally, though, I’d hate to lose any of the Smithsonian museums.

I guess I’m the first person white-trash enough to nominate Graceland.

What would be worse than blowing up the Taj Mahal?

Being trap in a room of mimes. :mad:

I’d say the second-worst thing to the Taj Mahal would be blowing up the Forbidden City and Emperor’s Palace in China. (It’s slightly more feasible than blowing up the Great Wall.)

On the one hand, you have a billion-plus Indians pissed at you.

On the other, you have a billion-plus Chinese pissed at you.

I dunno, it sounds like a dead heat to me. The ensuing retribution would be pretty awful.

I know. Let’s start a thread and call it “Creative Solutions Seminar: Ideas for Terrorists (from Entry-Level to Pro)”.

St Pauls Cathedral
Westminster Abbey
Stonehenge, what’s left of it anyway
St Basils Cathedral

In Las Vegas, imploding structures is an event with thousands of spectators…will be seeing Stardust and a few other casinos bite the dust soon…and yes, the Taj Mahal would be horrible, but the Eiffel Tower? Meh…been there, done that, who cares, the thing is woefully falling apart - you are risking your life going up in those elevators held together by duct tape and a prayer. Am amazed it hasn’t fallen apart from neglect.

More serious is the Hoover Dam…lots of security currently, but blowing up that structure would have ramifications beyond belief.

“Last I heard, there were 1.3 billion pissed off Chinese…”

Florence Cathedral - The entire province would not be the same without it.

Natural History Museum - London

Johnson Wax Building

Palace of Versailles

The Registan - Samarkan in Uzbeckhistan - This would be a huge loss for us all its almost a city of ancient monuments, some of which were observed by Alexander the Great, it rivals Angkor Wat.

The Alhambra - In southern Spain

Ironbridge at Telford - the worlds first iron bridge and very much the start of the industrial revolution and the modern age.

The monastry of Monte Cassino

I expect you mean the Petronas Twin Towers. I visited the Towers in February and had a private escorted trip up to the 86th floor (as high as it’s possible to go). The view was absolutely amazing.

I spoke with the guy who is in charge of all safery and security issues for the Towers, an amazing man who is referred to simply as ‘The Major’ (because he was a Major before he took this job). Not to tempt fate or anything, but he explained all the very good reasons why he is sure that the Towers will never be the subject of any attack akin to the WTC, and why such an attack - even if attempted - would be very unlikely to succeed, and why even if it did succeed the consequences would not be the same (far lower potential for loss of life, no grand collapse of the entire structure).

Mild but hopefully forgivable hijack - if you’re looking for a great vacation destination, I can highly recommend Kuala Lumpur. For anyone from the West it’s very cheap, the people are great, lots to see and do in the cty itself and then you are wthin easy reach of everything else you could want - beaches, jungle, caves, wildlife, sports etc.

Back to the OP, there have been lots of great suggestions already. I’d just like to add Il Duomo, or Milan Cathedral. I consider it to be the most impressive and amazing building I’ve ever seen in real life, and it stands for so much in terms of history, culture and local identity. It is utterly unique and could never, ever be rebuilt or replaced.

A slightly more unusual suggestion would be Baden Baden in Germany. It’s a totally beautiful place to visit, with an unspoilt ‘oil painting’ prettiness that is hard to take in. It was never even touched during either of the World Wars, and in the 2nd WW the French intentionally left it aone because they wanted it as their own base once they had conquered Germany (ahem). Having survived so unscathed for so long, it would be terrible if it were to be attacked and spoiled.

Another vote for any major art gallery where many priceless works are kept. Bear this in mind if you visit any of the major galleries and collections here in London - the so-called ‘security’ is very lax and anyone could get anything in. They tighten it up for a few days after any big newsworthy threat, but then it’s soon back to normal.

Yeah - me. I’d hate to see me get obliterated.

Oh, and Wrigley Field.

That would probably be very hard to watch. Especially the whole thing.

Fenway Park