What would the reports have to contain to disqualify Romney?

I’ll leave it up to you to propose the ‘test’ to his campaign staff. At this point, they might actually advise him to at least attempt it.

I think that if it were shown that he took advantage of the Swiss Bank Account amnesty that he would not receive the GOP nomination at the convention. Enough arm-twisting would make him step aside for “personal reasons.”

Well, then, who else they got? The runner up was Santorum. Are they gonna nominate him instead?

I honestly believe that if photos turn up of Romney with santorum all over him in a porno movie with the family dog, Republicans will try to balls it out.

So to speak.

It’s just the break the McCain campaign has been waiting for!

I wonder how a McCain/Palin repeat or a Santorum/Ron Paul ticket would do.
I never would have thought that a McCain/Palin repeat would sound NOT totally crazy?