what's better for a computer

It’s kind of fruitless to argue about it seeing that the OP has never wrote back again. Last thing we need is another Mac Vs Pc debate.

wow, thanks for all the posts. as for the op, i’m looking into pc, not mac; i’m looking into buying a new computer, not an upgrade; and i’ll probubly be using it for general stuff like internet surfing and word prossing, but i would like to get into burning my own cd’s.
sorry for the late responce, i don’t have a computer at home (yet) and had off from work yesterday.

I’ve noticed that Handy loves to complain when someone asks a computer question but doesn’t tell what type of machine they’re using. I think it’s safe to assume that unless stated otherwise, the poster is talking about a Wintel platform. Mac users know they’re in the minority and will let everyone else know what they’re using, and Linux users typically don’t ask that type of question here.

frogstein, assumption is a dangerous thing.

The reason I think that a Mac would do better with more memory is because Mac software is pretty expensive so it would cost too much to fill a HD. With a PC you can get tons of cheap software & fill that thing up. Macs seem to enjoy extra memory more than PCs. You don’t see memory leaks in Macs too often.