What's beyond The Universe?

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The question isn’t what’s out there - the question is, what colour is it?

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I always thought the area beyond the edge of the universes is where socks go once they’ve been “eaten” by the dryer. So I guess it is full of tube socks. :slight_smile:



There’s also the theory that equates the universe to something like a bungee cord. (OK…bad analogy, but it’s the best I can do on a Monday morning) Anyway, it says that the big bang, the wonderful explosion that led to all the things we have today, is what created our universe that is constantly expanding…like a stretching bungee cord. eventually the momentum of expansion will end, and the cord will start to retract. The theory says that eventually the universe will do the same thing, that is, start to reduce in size after the energy from the original big bang has been used up, and eventually implode into itself and become some sort of mega-black-hole or something like that.
Am I completely out there, or has someone else heard this sort of theory, too??

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I’ve heard of the “bungee cord” theory you are talking about. I also heard that there were problems with it because there would have to be an even larger quantity of matter than we presently know of to cause the universe to reverse its course of expansion and collapse in upon itself. Of course, there has been a bit of research done on proving the existence of “dark matter” and trying to determine approximate quantities of it in the universe. This might make the expansion/collapse theory workable. (C’mon, physics people–help me out here! I only catch bits and pieces of this stuff on TV and in magazines. Have I screwed up in my explanation?)

Consider the universe a country club. We’re members. So we need to keep someone at the door to keep the nonmembers out.

What is beyond the Universe? If, by definition, the Universe is all there is, then anything “outside” the Universe would be undefined.

OK, we’re talking 4D spacetime here. It would be possible to gain a mathmatical concept of “something” outside our spacetime, but trying to envision it using our 3 spatial dimension minds would be next to impossible.

This may help:


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DC Comics contends that at the edge of the universe is the “Wall” made up of gigantic, monstrous bones and skulls and such, from everyone who’s tried to cross the void that lies beyond the wall. I think the Green Lantern made it across the void okay after he went crazy and omnipotent.


P.S. I ponder this stuff all the time.