what's that theory called?....

…about how supposedly everyone has a person out there who looks just like him/her? anyone know?
I think i found my “twin”, or at least most people seem to think we look almost just alike (we met on myspace)


We’ll need more pictures to be sure. The clothes seem to prevent accurate evaluation. Maybe you should post some pictures without them.


Doppelgänger- not so much a theory as a description, unless you’re an urban guy into tough fads and petty crime in which case it’s Doppelgängbänger, or unless you’re a guy whose double writes gossipy and mostly untrue books about Hollywood when not making no-budget but cult followed films, when you’d have a Kennethängergänger.

I don’t think there is a visual twin for everyone, though there definitely are for some people. My counsellor has a visual twin in the city who she’s never met or seen, but whom everyone else she knows, including me, has seen. Very weird.

I don’t what the name of the theory is, but I have heard the word ‘doppelganger’ (German for something like “double goer” I think) for the phenomenon.

Actually, I don’t think you look like twins, though you’re close. Hard to tell though, because of the picture quality.

And the clothes.

But seriously if there really were such a theory and it was widely held then it sure as hell would make the job of a defense attorney much easier.

I believe it’s actually called the Doppelganger Effect.

A local news show has Doppelgänger Radar.

Several years ago I (a new Yorker) was at a convention in Chicago. A man came up to me and started raving about “our” weekend in California the previous month. At that time I had never been to California and told him as much. He got defensive and said I was trying to give him the brush off and how dare I after how intimate we’d been. I finally convinced I was not who he thought I was and I came away thinking “there’s some gal on the west coast who looks just like me? poor her!” :wink:

Maybe the other person is your* “ka”.*

My Ka?

Many, many, many years ago a young lady asked me to take her to her prom.

We were dancing when I glanced over at this other couple just as he looked over at us. He and I could have been twings. We both stopped and just starred at each other, it was really wierd.

I was thinking about the Tim Powers version.

You have different skin tone, slightly different body style, and she has bigger teeth than you.

But, you do both sort of turn your head in that same goofy way. Is there some kind of goofy head twist gene?

This happened to me just the other day on the bus. Weird hardly begins to describe it. It was like an out of body experience. We were both trying not to stare at each other.

I’ve always heard it described as That Theory that Everyone Has a Twin (Lookalike) Somewhere.

No dopples needed.

There are certainly enough occurrences of similarities in peoples’ appearance to make celebrity lookalikes feasible.

I have only seen “my double” once; it was on the internet. In a porn picture! :eek:

I was very freaked out for a few minutes, until close scrutiny confirmed it wasn’t me, but someone with not only very similar features, hair, complexion–and body! I swear, she had my boobs, and everything.

No, there will not be pictures.

My friend sent me a picture that I thought was of myself, except I’ve never tied a kerchief over my head and cheered for a Korean soccer game in the middle of the city hall plaza in Seoul. It was weird. I hope I never run into her in person, because that would just be freaky.

As for the OP - you two do look very similar, but it’s hard to tell for certain because of the camera angles and odd expressions both of you are wearing. :slight_smile:

That wasn’t THE Savannah, porn queen extraordinaire, was it?

Another vote for the “Doppelgänger effect.”

Oh, and another vote for “Yowza!” :wink: