What's the best thing you've ever done?

I found a baby in the middle of the road and returned it to its rightful owner.

Gee, I hope you left a word out of that sentence! A baby…duck? A baby…squirrel? :eek:

A little humanoid. In diapers toddling down the middle of the road. He looked to be 18 months or younger. This was at 6:00 am. We stopped the car and I picked him up and questioned a little 3-4 year old who was hanging around nearby. That kid sort of motioned that a particular house was the one the baby came from, and eventually found out that he was his brother. The mom was very happy to get him back.

I was walking down a major street in my town during morning rush hour, when a guy walking on the other side of the street lurched into the street and fell down having a seizure. I immediately went out into the street and started directing traffic around him. The 13th vehicle was a van who stopped in front of me, put the emergency lights on, got out of the car and told me “Get out of the road before someone hits you.” Until he did, I hadn’t thought about how dangerous it was.

Thanks jeffirce. That actually made me feel better.

No gun play in our family thank god. Though we have plenty. My brother has taken his guns out of his house and stored them at Dads. See, he didn’t trust his live in girlfriend(s).

While a smart move on his part. DUDE, maybe you need to try to be a bit more discerning before you invite these tramps to live with you! YOU fear for your life? And you wonder why we aren’t to keen on these girlfriends of yours?

ahem. First and only time I will use the word ‘Dude’.


Scroll down to “Sri Lanka.” Over 3 million USD, several thousand square meters of land cleared, including schools, paths and wells. Still my favorite project.

I’ve been the first person at bad car accidents a few times and have provided caring support until emergency services arrived. Once this consisted of putting a large piece of a stranger’s ear in my vacation cooler and covering it with my soda ice.

However, one very small thing that I did has stuck with me. I was at Target buying banal bits 'n bobs and got in the cashier line behind a woman who looked more than a little worn around the edges. She was trying to buy some real essentials: Enfamil, diapers, milk, etc. She was paying in change and came up short about $11 and started to take things out to return to the shelf. I told her not to return things and paid the difference. She burst into tears, hugged me, and left with all the stuff she needed. It certainly wasn’t a “save the world” moment, but it has stuck with me.

I can’t even begin to count the wonderful things people have done for me. I try to “pass it on” when I can, as I have a lot of gratitude debt to pay off.

My own little stories are, unfortunately, pitiful, so I’ll tell my parents’ most brave act (that they told me).

I was a military brat, the daughter of a comissioned Navy officer (this becomes relevant later). When I was 2 years old, I fell quite ill. My mother took me to a doctor, who told her that it was the flu, and to take me home.

She wasn’t entirely convinced. She took me to the local ER, who told her the same thing, just a case of the flu. She called my father, distraught, absolutely sure that I was coming down with something serious.

My father trusted her judgment. He put on his full dress uniform, took me back to the ER, and ORDERED them to admit me. They took a spinal tap. The fluid was so cloudy, they didn’t even wait for the results before pumping me full of antibiotics. They told my parents to pray and that they’d know in 24 hours whether I’d live or not. Turns out that I’d contracted bacterical spinal meningitis, a disease that is often fatal because it is frequently misdiagnosed as the flu till it’s too late. They said that if my parents had waited only 12 more hours, I’d be dead for sure.

This isn’t a one-time event… they proved their courage in this one episode, but it is also a part of their personalities. They don’t have an ounce of selfishness in them, they burst with kindness. They leave generous tips, they anonymously give away gifts & money to people who are going through hard times, they always have sweet smiles. My father is now a JROTC teacher, and according to Mom he has many children that look up at him as the only father figure in their lives. They’re not only wonderful parents, they’re also the two most brave & kind & wonderful persons I know.

Thank you, from someone who used to be a poor, single mom. I wish more people were so kind.

Last Christmas, my husband’s ex-wife was having a rough time emotionally because of family issues, and then she lost control of her car and totaled it (as in, spun out and smacked the wall on I-695). With no hesitation at all, my husband said, “Hey, you can have my Pontiac. It ain’t pretty, but it’ll get you to your jobs.” Granted, it’s a 20-year-old beast of a car, but better than nothing, right? So when she came to get it, it wouldn’t start. Husband and ex’s SO spent several hours tinkering, and found it would take a week or so to get the parts to make it run. I suggested that she could borrow our mini-van until then. We got the van back a few weeks later, after we got the car fixed (at our expense, which we volunteered to do), but the car is now hers, free and clear.

Now who gives their ex-wife a car? I admire his generosity and goodwill toward his former wife, and again, I wish more people were like that.