What's the intent of copy restriction for iTunes music?

It is probably legit. The actual licensing agreement allows you to share music between up to 5 computers on the same local net. You go into the Store menu and select the Authorize item to authorize that this particular computer can share your iTunes account (and thus your copy protected media items like movies and videos).

Actually, I now realize the Mr. Napier was the one who wrote the original post, so he can probably share his music with his wife’s (jointly owned computer) without too many issues. It’s one of the reasons why up to 5 computers could be shared. They imagined a family might have one or two computers, and like the 640K memory limit in the original MS-DOS, thought 5 computers was a ridiculously high number that no one family would ever own.

We right now have seven different computers in our house. My three sons and I have Mac laptops. My wife uses what use to be our main computer, a five year old Mac Mini. I have a Linux system and our TV is a Windows 7 system. Right now, only the TV and I share media files. My wife doesn’t like my taste in music and my kids wouldn’t be caught dead with it.

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