What's the meaning of the expression, "That's the exception that proves the rule?"

Interesting; based on your post (#14 in this thread, IIRC) I might have asked what law school you graduated from (or at least attended). And for the record, I graduated from one, so you’d at least do a good job of playing one on TV. :smiley:

And let the record reflect that’s meant to be something of a non-backhanded compliment.



Pure elephant’s-child syndrome, I’m afraid. Or, as the young ladies in “The Gondoliers” put it, “Everything is interesting, / Tell us, tell us all about it.”

Snopes (or, more accurately, Snopes’ wife) addresses the issue:


They come to the same conclusion as The Master – that it means the existence of explicit exceptions confirms that the rule applies in all other cases.

I could do without the snarky “(but not for the reason you think)” parenthetical, however. =)
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