What's the most physicallly painful thing you've ever felt?

I read this description from one of the pages on ‘www.somethingawful.com

“Driving nails underneath your fingernails with a hammer until they hit the bone.”

Just thinking of that makes me cringe. I thought you’d wanna read. :stuck_out_tongue:

Kidney stones. Dang, them things hurt. I have heard they hurt worse than child birth and being shot. The reason why is like even is child birth you get breaks between contractions well them devil stones it feels like someone is digging knife in your side continuously and it don’t stop until you get morphine or shoot yourself in the head.

Well, there is something that hurts worse than kindey stones but it doesn’t last as long. And that is a clogged bladder. My bladder went from 50cc to over 800cc(that is alot piss stored up stetching that thing like a balloon that is fixing to pop). Anyway I thought that was the worse pain until I found out that they wanted me to come in the doctors office to get a catheter(sp - to tell you the truth I really don’t give a crap if I spelled torture chamber device right or not.)

Well I went in there dropped my pants and two girls came in with a tray with a rubber hose to stick up my thing. I said well if you are planning to stick that thing up my thing where is my morphine screw morphine where is my heroin? They said they couldn’t give me drugs in the doctors office so they proceeded to grease it up with ky and then they proceeded to try to kill me with pain.

I think those chicks hated men the way they were shoving that thing in my thing. Tears coming to me eyes and me screaming in the doctors office alas it was over. And they even gave me a neat little holster pee bag to wear on my leg when I went home. Needless to say I didn’t feel much like a cowboy baaaby.

When I was nineteen I was in a bad car accident, broke several bones. That wasn’t the really painful part. It must have hurt, but I was pretty shocked and I don’t remember too well.

About 60 seconds later, I was still in the car, unable to move, waiting for the ambulance. Another car came flying out of the darkness and just barely missed hitting the car I was sitting in. My body jerked in an involuntary, terrified flinch, which caused the broken bones to shift around. Oh yeah. That was the painful part.

Well, there was the time I dislocated my knee. The lower half of my leg popped out, rolled over 90 degrees, and snapped back up. I had to pull it out and rotate it back into place so I could crawl to a phone.

I had an AC separation which was pretty bad, but the knee was worse.

There was also the time I received sutures through the nail-bed of my thumb–without anesthetic. The gave me anesthetic, ran away to take care of another patient, came back once it had worn off and told me they couldn’t give me anymore. Needless to say, I told the doctor to run like hell after the last suture was in place. I don’t know how I restrained myself.

Perhaps the worst pain was when I fractured my pelvis. I actually passed out in a snowdrift and several other times just trying to get inside to reach the phone.

No question, the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life was headaches caused by a brain tumor (the runner-up is migraine headaches). They were both extremely painful and long-lasting, and got progressively worse until I had surgery to remove as much of the tumor as possible. There was a horrible piercing pain over my right eye and a more general pain over the rest of my head. This would last for hours, and eventually days. To make things worse I developed an intense aversion to bright light and strong smells, became unable to keep down food or drink, and lost control of the right side of my face. In the last few weeks before my operation I went on a succession of increasingly strong painkillers, none of which did much good. Even codeine only took the edge off the pain well to make it possible for me to sleep.

The upside was that I required almost no pain medication after the operation. I wasn’t exactly comfortable, but I felt so much better than I had before that I didn’t feel I needed anything.


I’ve set my own broken fingers, broken ribs twice, been hit with 100,000 Volts (microamperes), been through appendicitis, gashed my arm to the bone, and had cavities drilled and filled with no novocaine and ** none of those even came close** to the indescribable pain of a good old fashioned skull-crackin’ migraine.

I don’t even like to think about it.

This doesn’t sound so bad, but…

Having a sinus infection, and not knowing i had a sinus infection, until the plane i was on started landing. It was as if my brain suddenly decided that it didn’t wanna be in my head anymore and was gonna extract itself via jackhammer through my forehead. Spent the better part of half an hour on the verge of blacking out. I’d never had sinus problems before, but my head hurt for days afterwards.

A close second would be the ergometer tests that i did every other week while rowing in college. Sit on a rowing machine and push yourself as hard as you can for a set time or distance (usually 2000 meters… about 6:30-7 minutes). I did this while wearing a heart rate monitor once, and my pulse never dropped below 210. Granted, the pain was nothing like the sinus thing, but the simple fact that you could so easily stop this but you aren’t just makes it so much worse. Rowers are, out of necessity, insane.

/John Lovitz voice/ Ooooh! I hate it when that happens! /John/

Broke my baby toe in high school. OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW. There is nothing a doctor can really do to make it better - you just have to let it heal.

Migraines are also up there in the pain department.

OK, well this won’t be too specific 'cause I never did really figure out what it was, but some years ago I had what must have been some kinda allergic reaction to something, and my kidneys were giving me problems. To wit, everytime I inhaled the pain was so bad I passed out. My parents took me to the hospital, docs checked me out, found nothing, and by the time I left the whole event was over. Never did find out what it was, but it was so painful that for a long time after thinking about it would give me the shakes.

A second painful thing was when I herniated a disc in my back and couldn’t move without searing pain. But this wasn’t so bad because all I had to do was not move and I was OK. It’s a lot harder to try and get by without inhaling.

The most pain for me had to of been when I was about 11 years old and decided to ride down our very steep inclined driveway in a radio flyer wagon. I was trying to steer it by holding the pull handle but when I hit the curb it jerked the handle left and dumped me face first right into the street, I basically landed, full force on my front teeth, shattering 3 of my top teeth and breaking 2 of lower teeth as well as my nose. It was about 40 degrees out so needless to say breathing in the cold air on my exposed tooth nerves was excruciating.

Of course a close second happened last March when I was surf fishing in Florida and caught a catfish, well it swallowed the hook, so I take my pliers out to jerk the hook out only it is very well stuck in him, so I give it one hella tug and rip it from his gut and the reaction sends my fist right into the fin spike on his left side. The force buried the spike a good inch into my middle finger knuckle, my immediete reaction is to pull the fish right out but the spike has barbs on it, just like a fishhook. So my friend cuts the spike from the fish leaving the rest of it in my hand. Oh man, if someone couldve just cut off my hand right then and there it would’ve felt better than that. I ended up having to go to the hospital and have it surgically removed as it had imbedded itself it the bone. I later found out from the doc that those catfish have a poison mucous that caused the majority of the pain and if I would’ve submersed my arm in extremely hot water that would’ve eased most of the pain. Oh and get this, my friend released the fish. Little bastard got his revenge on me for hooking him in the gut.

I feel like such a lightweight.

When I was much younger, I had a series of ear surgeries. On one of my first visits to the doctor, I had to get my ear suctioned out. I was nervous, and I thrashed.

When something touches your infected eardrum, you feel like your head is going to fall off.

After that, I was as still as the dead whenever someone was poking and prodding me.

I’ll go with Wildest Bill on this one, definitely kidney stones. I’m female so I didn’t have his type of catheter at least. The first attack and they gave me Demerol in the ER. Only time I have ever had it and oh was it goooooood.

35 foot fall through a skylight. I was helping fix the Foucault’s Pendulum at the Omniplex in Oklahoma City (I was an exhibit tech), and long story short, put my 6’ frame through a 3’x3’ skylight. One of the planetarium staff told me that it took me something like 1.001 seconds to hit. Broke my pelvis, my sacrum, according to one witness I bounced about 2 feet into the air, landed on my left side, cracked 4 bones in my left hand, 3 ribs (bruising a lung in the process), and shattered a 2-inch chunk out of my left upper arm. Despite all this, I didn’t start screaming for drugs until the EMTs put me on the backboard–you do realize that most of your weight is on your sacrum when you’re laying down?

Fortunately they determined that my back wasn’t broken, and gave me morphine for a week. [Homer Simpson]Mmmmm, Morphine[/Homer Simpson]

I was what they call “knock-kneed” and “pigeon-toed” and I had orthopedic surgery on both of my legs to set the bones right. I was 8 years old when I had it and thankfully it fixed my problem. I had 6 pins sticking out of both of my legs for 8 weeks. The thing that hurt the most was when they removed the pins. I didn’t have any anesthesia and wow, that was pain. The pins were about 4 inches long and the part that was in the bone was the same as the end of a screw. The nurse said that the pins wouldn’t hurt when they came out of the bone, but when they came out of the skin. I guess imagine removing a screw from your leg and that’s what it was like. I had to sit throught the doctor taking 12 of them out. I’m sure the fact that I was 8 years old and had to watch this happening added to the pain, but hands down, that was the worse I have felt.

Scratched cornea from old-style hard contact lenses. Twice. (Guess I was a slow learner.) I’ve had three root canals, and they weren’t even in the same league, painwise.

One of these days, I will share with you fine chilluns the story of “Mr. C and the hemmorrhoidectomy” The true horror of the story is the evil anesthesia-saving doctor, and his malicious assistant, Cheekspreader Jones.

Until that time, carry on.

I broke my tailbone giving birth to my daughter in January. Unmedicated childbirth was a picnic compared to this. Sitting was agonizing, and so was getting up and getting down. The only comfortable position was laying on my side or standing up.

Add that to running after a three year old - ugh. It’s been 11 months, and I STILL can’t sit on hard benches or for long periods of time. Makes travelling real fun, let me tell you.


Herniated Disc - L5 S1. Even the medical books I have at home describe it as “excruciatingly painful.” Two shots of demerol barely took the edge off. I was home on disability leave for about a month the first time. Luckily the epidural steroid injections helped. Had a recurrence this year that put me out of commission for about three weeks, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as the inital problem.

Alright…i was riding my bike down a very steep incline, me and my friends used to always race down this hill paritally due to the risk factor and the large apprtement building that came up right at the crest. We always had enough time to slam on the breaks, and aboid the building, but on this fatefull day, my breaks refused to work and i slammed into the building. Now, the bike stopped, but thanks to physics, my body kept going, and the only things that stopped me from going head 1st into the wall was, my crotch. Legend has it, you could of heard my shirls from up to a mile away, i recieved severe lesions on my testicles and bruising on my member. The pain was beyond words, it’s as if everything went black, couldn’t even form coherent words, i just lay there, in a crumpled heap. Thankfully no permanent damage was done, but i peed bloody urine for about a week. Remember Gents, take care of your boyz!