What's the most powerful emotional reaction you've had at the movies?

I’ve had other moments, but the most recent that gripped me was the first section of District 9.

The Green Mile- the electric chair scene had me crying so hard, I had to get up and leave.

Also, The Passion of the Christ- I cried silently throughout the whole thing. Which was weird, because I’m an atheist.

I felt so ill the first time I saw Jaws eating that swimmer at the beginning, I could not eat my popcorn for at least 10 minutes.

Grave of the Fireflies : the Home Sweet Home montage.

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The Butcher Boy and Breakfast On Pluto have both made me bawl crying more than once.

Oddly enough, Quills. And it wasn’t just me. I don’t think any of the theater-goers spoke as we exited.

The end of The Mist had both me and my husband down for at least a couple of days after watching it.

That scene had the exact same effect on me, and is THE reason I will never watch Schindler’s List again.

Schindler’s List. The little girl’s red coat. I’m glad that Spielberg did not get carried away with himself in making this movie. It was difficult enough as it was. I will never watch it again. I will never forget it.

Several of the scenes from Saving Private Ryan stayed with me for a long time…I’m trying to figure out when to show it to my soon to be 14 yr old son, who plays Call of Duty and such with great intensity.

United 93 absolutely destroyed me. I haven’t been able to watch it since.

The entire story – and its realism – is the reason why I’ll never watch it again.

Contrary to most of the above, I’m only really remembering the strong, good feelings I’ve had at the movies…

Aliens–“Get away from her, you bitch…”

Star Wars–when the Millenium Falcon comes diving out of the sun to save Luke

Ladyhawke–at the end, when Michelle Pfeiffer walks slowly up to the bishop and drops her jesses in his hand

Alice in Wonderland–“But, your Excellency… I have the other glass slipper…”

I hear it’s based on real events. Although some say it wasn’t a realistic movie because it couldn’t really have happened.

I cry a lot at the movies. But the two that stand out in terms of the strength of the reaction are:

Iris: It was at least 10-15 minutes after the movie ended (on DVD), and I’d gone to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. I suddenly started sobbing. When my husband asked me why, all I could do was blubber something about how my grandfather was going to feel when my grandmother passed on. I couldn’t be consoled for quite some time that evening. I have no idea why this particular movie brought that out, but it did.

Charlotte’s Web–the original. I saw it as a child. Having never read the book, I was truly DEVASTATED when the spider died. I remember just bawling and heaving. Come to think of it, I felt almost as bad watching Bridge to Terabithia, because I hadn’t read the book. I’m such a sap.

The Elephant Man is the only movie I know I will never again watch.

For me, it was when the medic was shot and dying.
I had been a paramedic for 8 years in the late '80s-early '90s and had (have, I guess) mild PTSD (mainly recurrent nightmares; though not so often, anymore). Most bloody scenes in movies make me go, “Bah, that looks totally fake.”
That scene gave me the shakes and the sweats, it was so well done.

It took me a long time to get over “Brokeback Mountain” - I have to give Ang Lee so much credit for making exactly the ending that movie needed, not the ending that people want. I didn’t see it in a theatre, though, so I didn’t include it in this thread.

That was the first movie my wife and I ever saw together. She says that it was the moment she knew we were met for each other, when I was weeping as hard as she was.

But if that film doesn’t move you to tears, there is reason to doubt your humanity.