What's the name of that old movie with giant ants?

Beginning of the End – I just watched some of it last night (true!)

I’m amazed anyone else has seen that clunker Monster from Green Hell – cool animation sequences padded out to excruciating length. By the way, it was giant bees not wasps. I know they didn’t look like it, but they were.

Don’t forget Empire of the Ants for asnts.

the Harryhausen version of Mysterious Island aklso gave us giant bees, along with giant oysters, a gaint crab, and a giant ammonite.

Attack of the Crab Monsters – giant crab

The Black Scorpion – giant scorpions. and giant “worms”

The Cosmic Monsters – giant bugs of various kinds. Known as The Strange World of Planet X in its native Britain, and (i’m convinced) ripped off by Stephen King for “The Mist”

The Deadly Mantis – pretty obvious. Son of Godzilla and other old Godzilla movies also gave us a giant mantis.

The Giant Claw – giant gooney bird

King Kong – giant spider, scorpion, etc. in original 1933 version, cut out by Cooper and Schoedsack. Peter Jackson apparently recreated them for the DVD release, and for his own movie.

Earth vs. the Giant Spider, The Giant Spider Invasion, Eight-Legged Freajks – self=-explanatory

Wonders of Aladdin – nearly-forgotten movie features a giant Flea (!)

Killers from Space – laughably bad giant insects of various kinds
This list by no means complete.

Quite memorable, not just because it had giant ants, but it was actually quite good too.

The death of the police sergeant was especially moving

Don’t forget Night of the Lepus about giant, killer BUNNY RABBITS.

Phase IV

Regular-sized ants use brains, not brawn, to take over

I liked this movie. Creeped the hell out me so much that I decided to move, much later in life, to Texas where the fire ants seem to have a mind of their own.

Another ant-movie: “The Naked Jungle”, wherein Charlton Heston and Co. fight a losing battle against army ants. The story, “Leiningen Versus the Ants” was also an episode on the Suspense radio program.

Scraping the bottom of the barrel:

The Giant Gila Monster. I can just imagine the thinking behind doing this:

“What’s a good creature to make gigantic and terrorize people?”
“How about a lizard?”
“Great. But let’s make it a gila monster. They’re venomous!”

Well, yes, but who is afraid of gila monsters? They’re just too exotic and most people haven’t ever seen one.

They’re also slow, so this one wanders around looking lost among the toy figures standing in for a real location.

And from the same production company:

The Killer Shrews. Terrifying rodents. Rats I might understand, but shrews? And it didn’t help the movie by the fact that the “shrews” are clearly dogs with fake fangs.

Don’t forget The Beginning of the End with giant grasshoppers attacking Chicago. They march from central Illinois on the attack, where you see those big Illinois mountains in the background. :confused: It was a favorite at the University of Illinois.

There’s also Teenagers from Outer Space, which features the silhouette of a giant lobster.

Don’t forget Attack of the Giant Leeches.

I don’t remember what the leeches looked like, or if we even saw them close-up.

I do remember a scene in an underwater cave – bodies hanging like ducks in the window at the Chinese takeout place.

Them! is one of my favorites. What was it the drunk kept singing? “something something and bring me the booze!”

I think it was “Make me a sergeant and gimme [bring me?] the booze!”

They looked like people wearing Hefty trash bags.

Ok I only have faint memories of this movie but there were these aliens but they were like giant insects or something and I remember towards the end everything has been destroyed and they tear through some kind of eggcase or membrane or something and theres like these dead baby giant bug things, it was really old but in color.

Yeah, that’s it!

Does anybody which one of the giant spider movies had the scene with the teenagers on this big rope spider web in a cave? And when you were touched by one of the spider’s legs, you were turned into a dried up wrinkly husk?

This is very vague, but it might have been Five Million Years to Earth (Quatermass and the Pit in Britain, where it started out as a TV serial). An excellent and often overlooked film that’s well worth seeing, and not a Giant Bug film at all. (The original TV serial is available, too).

Yes, yes, the giant animals are exciting, and even the giant plants in Day of the Triffids – but we are neglecting the fine, fine horror films featuring minerals!

OK, just one: The Monolith Monsters!

Thanks dude I looked up the movie and you were right, but to be fair there were those locust things and they were large, so maybe not a giant monster movie per se but I wasn’t just pulling i out of thin air.

Mimic–Giant mutated cockroaches.

Could we count Dune, with the giant sandworms?