What's the shortest commercial airline flight you've ever taken?

I’ve done Victoria to Vancouver (both in B.C.) … but that was a connection, for my Vancouver to Ottawa flight. 67km.

Christiansted, St. Croix to Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands - the ferry was broken and I needed to get back to continue on my vacation schedule. Probably less than 60 miles, the plane took off and landed on pontoons in the harbors. Seated maybe 18 people.

Yuma to Phoenix, approximately 150 miles.

I’ve also flown between Hilo and Honolulu, but I’m not sure how many miles that is.

Didn’t notice NinjaChick’s link above. According to it, my Honolulu-Hilo flight was 208 miles, which means Yuma-Phoenix (159 miles) was indeed my shortest.

The very first time I flew in an airplane was the flight from Colorado Springs to Denver. We were in a smaller prop plane and it moved around a bit during the short flight. I then got on a jet to St. Louis out of Denver and it so smooth I remember clearly how surprised I was.

I often used to make that flight during my first year at UC San Diego. At that time Amtrak only had three trains daily, and I couldn’t make a train on Friday without missing my last class. It is true that such short flights never do reach typical cruising altitude; planes on the LA.-San Diego hop only reach about 11,000 feet.

But the shortest jet flight I ever heard of was from Long Beach to Burbank. We stopped in Long Beach on the way back from Chicago, but I assume the Long Beach stop was only to let people off who were travelling from Chicago to Long Beach, or to let people on who were going from Long Beach to Chicago. They probably didn’t sell tickets between Burbank and Long Beach.

I think this sort of thing has become more common in the L.A. area over the past 10 years or so; I’ve noticed more and more low-flying airliners.

20 years ago there was commercial service (small plane) from Newark to Princeton, about 40 miles. This was when there was some discount for two flights, which I discovered when I got picked up at Newark once and tried to get a refund for the unused Princeton flight, to find out that the fare just to Newark was more.

A flight from Texas to Boston stopped in Providence. I’m not sure how far Providence to Boston is, but the flight climbed and then descended with no level flight time at all.

San Francisco to Redding. Don’t know the mileage, but it’s usually about an hour. In a little tiny plane that seats about 30 and makes your voice sound like it does when you yell or sing into an electric fan.

When I was a kid living in Atlanta, there was a joke about the flight from Atlanta to Birmingham (which are in separate time zones). Flight #XYZ would be listed as leaving Atlanta at 12:15 and arriving in Birmingham at 12:16. This was during the days of slower planes and no controls inside airport (oh and the Atlanta airport was in a large quonset hut.)

**Drunk runs up to counter and asks “What gate does the flight to Birmingham leave from?”

Ticket agent “Gate 9, sir. Would you like a ticket.”

Drunk “Hell no, I just want to watch that sucker take off!”**

The shortest flight I’ve ever taken was from Memphis to Jackson, TN which is 85 miles. I also have flown many times between Memphis and Tupelo, MS which is 90/100 miles. If after landing in Tupelo, I’d continued on to Starkville, MS it would have been only 71 miles. My wife has flown that trip many times as a flight attendant. I would rate the other flight attendants on whether or not they served on these trips. She did and about half the others would.

I’ll bet that plane was a Saab 340A, which seats 33 passengers. Same one that flies from Memphis to Tupelo (no longer to Jackson, TN). Mapblast says it is 217 miles from SF to Redding, so next time catch a flight to Sacramento. :wink:

Long ago, during my first job, and my first business trip, I had to go to Minneapolis. However, the first (and last) leg was a hop from Bloomington IN to Indianapolis, about 45 miles.

Come to the UK

Westray-Papa Westray.All of 2 miles.Takes 2 minutes or so.When you take off,you can see your destination ahead.You lift up,then lift down.Record so far is about 58 seconds… :smiley:

Damn you… here I was, getting ready to tell of the world’s shortest scheduled flight, and you beat me in the very last post. Hmph.

Later this month I’ll be flying from Southampton to Guernsey, a distance of about 100 miles. It takes about 35 minutes, I think. Currently the shortest I’ve taken is from London Stansted to Manchester, about 160 miles or so. It took far longer to travel to the airport at both ends than it would have done to take the train all the way, but it was a business trip and they wanted us to fly. Odd.

COS to Denver is probably the shortest I’ve been on.
I’ve done LaCrosse to MSP (103 NM)
There is (or was) a Rochester to MSP flight (66 NM)

I read somewhere (aviation magazine?) about flying from Oakland to SFO.

Appleton, WI to Green Bay, WI is only 22 NM, but couldn’t find any direct flights (have to go to ORD)

Pittsburgh, PA to Dubois-Jefferson County, PA – 76 miles according to MapPoint. It was in the middle of the winter, the plane was exactly 3/8ths full (two other passengers and me on an eight-seat plane), and there were six inches of snow still on the runway where we landed.

There used to be flights from Williamsport, PA to State College, PA – 55 miles – though I never took it.

I used to fly from LA to Ontario and vice-versa all the time, about 35 miles.

It was always a toss-up between hitting a killer tailwind and getting there in 15 minutes and getting stuck in air-traffic and circling for an hour.

Several years ago, I was on a packed 737 flying between Charlotte and Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina - 169 miles. The flight took about 20 minutes.

I’ve flown quite a lot between Sydney (SYD) and Newcastle Belmont (BEO) in New South Wales, Australia, a distance of about 70 miles. People generally don’t use that flight to get between Sydney and Newcastle (it would be cheaper and faster to drive or to take a train), but to connect to or from other flights in Sydney. The plane used is a De Havilland Twin Otter, with about 20 seats.

I’ve flown from Dublin to Shannon (in Ireland). It’s probably about 145 miles.

Not the shortest flight on the list so far, but maybe the cheapest.
About 12 years ago my wife and I went to Germany. I talked to a travel agent about flights from Minneapolis to Frankfurt.
She gave me the information and prices (I’m remembering something around $500.00)
Then she asked if I wanted to find out how much additional it would cost to fly out of Duluth (150 miles from MSP). I figured an additional $150-200, and didn’t want to spend that much.
Her response?
$6.00. :cool:

“Um, let me think about that one a LONG time!” :smiley: