Whats with all the Apple computers in nearly ALL popular media today?

They’re just so sexy and cool…

But seriously, I reckon a few reasons (most of those stated above):

  1. They’re used by movie-making people and are often readily available as props

  2. Many mac users - such as the movie-making people - are quite fanatic about Apple’s products, and would slip them into a shot if they got the opportunity (to promote/pay homage/whatever)

  3. They are very sexy and cool, undeniably they look good

  4. They have the somewhat-misconceived image of being “expensive” or “designer” objects and therefore add a sense of class or expense to a set

  5. Apple’s design, because it is not beige-box, is more sci-fi space-agey and colourful - think of the multi-coloured suits on the Starship Enterprise - and fits well with the “hi-tech” futuristic image of some sci-fi films

  6. They are much more modern looking - you know a particular Apple product will have only been out for x number of months/years, but a beige-box could be eons old

Actually, I think the cases of many of the computers in Jurassic Park were Macintosh Quadras. The screenshots were something else entirely.

Supposedly there was an episode of one of the new Star Trek shows (DS9? I don’t remember) where they took some Apple 15" LCD screens, spray-painted them black, and then used them as computer consoles. Sounds hi-tech to me. :wink:

And I believe Who Wants to be a Millionare? uses the older Apple 15" LCD screens for their contestant consoles.