What's wrong with having sex with family members?

I understand that offspring will have mutations, but why will society shun me for having a relationship with my sister so long as we don’t have children? What if I were a woman and I had a sexual relationship with my sister? What’s the problem with that?

It’s not always the case there will be mutations.




One way to look at this is to ask “Why do many (most?) societies have an incest taboo (however a society defines incest)?” It’s been a long time since I took a cultural anthropology class, but if anyone here has any up-to-date research, I’d be interested in hearing about it.

Instinct, which has been formalized into morality/taboos; we are instinctively wired to avoid incest. Unrelated people raised together will usually not find each other attractive even if there is no taboo against a relationship, or even if one is encouraged. A woman can tell by scent that a person has a MHC complex ( an immune system molecule ) similar to her own, and she won’t find them as or at all attractive.

Last I heard in my sociology class is that it messes with social roles. If you sleep with your mom, is she your mom or your girlfriend. What is your mom to your dad? What if you have a child with your mom, then is he your brother or your son? What is the kid to your siblings? Is he a cousin or a brother.

That is all I got. That and the fact that it is icky.

This is interesting. Do you have a cite?

Same reason marijuana is illegal. It just is…

According to my psych college prof in his human sexuality course, it’s an almost-universal taboo because it totally messes up the family structure, especially parent-offspring sex. Sibling sex at times has seemed more socially acceptable (I’m thinking of the sibling marriages among Egyptian royalty).

If you’ve got a dog ma, I’d say incest is the leasht of your worries.

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[Inigo Montoya] That word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

I was playing online poker with my father. Is he my father or my poker buddy?

Yeah, a cite would be really nice here…

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Dogma? Can this word no longer be used in a serious context?

Seems to be a preset instinct encoded in our brains after millions of years of evolution. Clearly the strongest and most powerful species most likely to succeed was not that which have mutated/retarded offspring.

Tell that to Doug Flutie or Dan Marino.

As I understand it, it was not unheard of to also have their daughters as one of their wives. I’m not sure whether that was only ceremonial or procreative though.

That’s not a valid comparison. He can be your father and your poker buddy at the same time and still not have an effect on the family structure. Now, if he were to be you and your mother were to have a child together, then you would be your brother’s father. That’s decidely different than being one’s relative and one’s card playing partner at the same time.

Why would you want to have sex with your sister in the first place ?.No matter what sex you were.

Let’s say for the sake of debating, we found each other attractive…