What's your earliest memory?

Me, too.

My first memory is of playing a game with my cousins in the old house and jumping off a big wooden trunk to run after my cousins. Whenever I remember it, it is preceded by a split second of quiet blackness.

I also remember the first time I paid for something in the store; I had two or three dollars, and I was buying a My Little Pony that must have been either $1.99 or $2.99, so I handed the lady my dollars and told her proudly to “keep the change.” I didn’t know there was tax, of course. I was embarrassed, but mom paid for it. I was living at the old house still, so I was probably 4.

I have no idea if this was the earliest memory I ever had, but it’s the one that comes through the clearest. I was in bed at night crying about some horrible wrong that had befallen me (probably the fact that I was in bed). I was crying and crying but no one would come into my room. Finally, I cried so much, I threw up. That’s when my mom came in. I washed up, brushed my teeth, and that’s about all I remember. I think I was 3.

Now that I’m thinking about memories, I seriously can’t recall my mom ever being pregnant, even though my sister is four years younger than me. Weird.

I was about 4. After reading, you can probably figure out why I remember ti so well.

My mother and I was in a car driving somewhere. I was in the back seat.

I asked my mother if we could stop someplace and she said ‘maybe’.

I said, I know what maybe means. It means no.

She damn near slapped me through the back window.

I distinctly remember when my Dad went to my Mom’s work and surprised her with a star sapphire ring. This happened about two years before I was born.

My earliest post-birth memory is of looking at chicks and ducklings in a feed store when I was 2.

I was in my crib; my mom came in to check on me and give me some milk from a sippy cup. She said they were having a party downstairs. I asked if the Hamburglar was there and she said yes.

My earliest memories:

Being bathed in the kitchen sink - it was a double sink and my sister was being bathed in the other side; she’s three years older than me and must have been no older than four to have fit in the sink, which means I can’t have been older than 18 months.

Trying to tell my parents that I didn’t want Marmite on my toast because ‘it makes my teeth itch’ - my milk teeth were growing in and my gums were sore. - probably age 18-22 months.

My parents thinking it was very funny to teach me long or complicated words:
Mesembryanthemum - they taught me to say the word and recognise the flower of this name when I was 2.
Akrotiri (the name of a air force base in Cyprus); we moved out there to live when I was 3 and I remember my dad making up a song ‘we’re going to Akrotiri’ long before we went, so I suppose I was about age 2 for that too.

I remember my brother’s first day at school. He’s 16 months older than me so I would have been about 3 years old. I just remember being really pissed off because he wouldn’t be around to play with me.
The next vivid memory isn’t until my first day at school the following year. It was a brand new school and I was in the first ever class 1 there. I remember being very proud of being the first person to sit on the red chair in the quiet corner, which was reserved only for good boys and girls.