When did hitting your wife cease to be "a thing"? (anglosphere-specific question)

In some jurisdictions, there is the concept of a legal separation that doesn’t amount to divorce, but means that the parties aren’t liable for each other’s bills, aren’t living together, and so on. Almost a divorce, but you’re still married. It has some significance for adherents of some religions, that a party is not seeking a divorce but is legally separated.

Isn’t the whole point of the movie that the family functions outside the law? I mean, would they have gone to the law for anything?

More broadly, I think that attitude–that the family should deal with it–protects abusers because the subtext is "if a woman isn’t being protected, either her family approves–so who are we to judge?–or she doesn’t have a woman to protect her, and that means she must not deserve protecting. It’s very rooted in the idea that good girls from good families deserve respect, but other girls and women do not.

1871 temperance movement illustration of a drunkard hitting his wife:

Which was one of the driving force for the temperance movement: the link between alcohol and domestic violence.

I always kind of found the idea sort of bizarre. I mean I have a short temper and it’s still rate that I encounter someone that annoys me to a level that would drive me to violence (regardless if I act on it or not). Let alone my actual wife.

A section of Action Comics #1, Superman’s debut, from 1938:

Perhaps, or perhaps members of the Italian Mafia might have some entirely unrelated reason why they wouldn’t want the police involved in their affairs.

There still remains some of that attitude in the elderly Italian migrant community in Melbourne. Social Security is not a state or religious responsibility: it’s a family responsibility. Revenge killing is only justified if a member of your family has been hurt. A women out walking without a member of her family is a prostitute.

And we had a politician outed for being an Italian citizen (a critical technical error). His mother had enrolled him. As Senator Richard Di Natale observed: “You can tell he’s not actually Italian: If he was Italian, he’d know that you never blame your mother for anything”.

Just so you know, the old people aren’t all out there acting on these beliefs. They only tell you if the subject comes up.

Family is everything

Can confirm. My husband has a big, wealthy, incredibly powerful Italian family and nothing is worse than “betraying” the family.

Which is why I’m going to shut my mouth now!

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