When did the 1950's begin and end for YOU?

I agree with that marker for the end of the 50s, but I would mark the end of the 60s with the last draft order in 1972.

I’m Group 2.


I was born in 1961. For me the Fifties BEGAN around 1973, with Grease, American ***Graffiti ***and Happy Days.

I’m in Group 2, born in the 1950s, and the '50s never really ended in West Texas. I could only look upon the 1960s from afar via news reports. It’s like it went straight from the 1950s to the 1970s, bypassing the 60s completely.

But I think of the 1950s as beginning in 1950, with the start of Korean War. And tend to agree with my old History prof’s contention of them ending with JFK’s assassination.

Hahaha! As a friend of mine said back then:
“So the most unique thing about the 70s is a 50s revival?”

Group 2.
The Fities were a decade of change and tumult for me. I vaguely remember celebrations of the “cease fire” of the Korean War (Uncle in USAF). Moving to Florida, changing schools every year until 1959, then Kennedy, Beatles and “God damn hippies”.
So Fitties began at my birth and ended with JFK’s assassination or the Beatles (take your pick).

I’m in group 2. The fifties began for me on July 29, 1954 when I was born. :smiley: For me they ended with JFK’s assassination. The world seemed different after that.

my age range is (3) born after 1959
beginning of 50s: Elvis no specific year, Heartbreak Hotel was 1954?
end of 50s: Miles Davis records Kind of Blue 1959

I tend to think of the 50s as one of the best decades for jazz music. I don’t think of historical events from the 50s other than sputnik and the start of the cold war. Of note culturally was the advent of international passenger airplane travel, Visa cards and McDonalds. This decade was in many ways the start of the modern era.

I think that’s a really good observation.

(Highjack) – I agree with the advent of the Internet defining the 21st century, but I put the transition to this as the years 1995-1998. Except for a small group of folks, that’s really when the Internet (not just email) began saturating so many aspects of so many lives.

It’s kind if like saying “air travel began in 1903” vs. “air travel really began to affect a lot of people’s lives around 1940.”