When did the kings of England/Britain stop claming the throne of France?

The real Louis VII, of course, wound up in America, sailing down the Mississippi on a raft with Huck, Jim, and the Duke of Bridgewater! :smiley:

Probably the only French monarch ever to endure tarring and feathering . . .

Amusingly, the president remains co-Prince of Andorra…

I had forgotten about the Le Havre incident–thanks for reminding me. Though, insofar as Calais was officially ceded in 1559, that part of the treaty of Cateau-Cambresis was, as you say, somewhat moot, as the French already occupied the port city.

That should be the Lancastrian succession. Henry V and Henry VI were Lancastrians, not Tudors.

Henry Tudor was an off-shoot of the Lancastrians, through one of John of Gaunt’s bastards, but the Lancastrians as a whole weren’t Tudors. Henry VII also was descended from Catherine of France, but through her second marriage, to Owen Tudor, not directly from her first marriage to Henry V. Henry VI was Henry VII’s half-uncle.