When you can't find something...what's that called?

Anyone spend time looking for something and fail to find it, decide it really is lost and go out and buy a replacement- and then find the original?
I can’t be the only one.

…Holy crap, I finally understand that line.

Oh yes indeedy. :smack:

Most recently I did that with my credit card. I 'phoned to cancel it and felt I really had better try to explain to the lady on the “lost/stolen cards” line why I didn’t sound especialy worried or upset - i.e. was absolutely sure it was in my house, merely hiding after a recent tidying up, and putting it in a “safe place” and I just knew it would reappear as soon as I had cancelled it, and arranged for a replacement. I think she thought I was a bit silly, but I was right, dammit.

I have several cheap small calculators, due to the same problem.
Pens and cigarette lighters are quite evil and do this a lot too.

If it was a snake it woulda bit chew! Heh.

Oh, yep, I have this a bit. I call it a Funkocularatory Deception.