Where can I find out a lot about camels?

Say, for instance, a whole book about camels? A search of my entire system of libraries brings up nothing.

Say, hypothetically, that I wanted to own a bunch of camels (like 10 of them) but knew nothing about them. Where would I start learning?

We’re talking Dromedary camels here, not those fancy-shmancy Bactrians, in case anyone was wondering.

iwent to google and typed in camel faqs -cigarettes and i ended up with a lot of relevant hits.

like this one:


:smiley: Sorry, I am a student of Camel-toes ONLY

A number of years ago, I wrote a staff report for this site, Are Camels the Only Animals that Can’t Swim? I found a number of pretty specific and comprehensive camel resources. One periodical called The Journal of Camel Practice and Research" (or something like that) printed my article and I was on their mailing list for a couple of years. I think I listed some sources in my article, so check the link if you’re interested.

Here is where you will find way more information than anyone should care to know about camels.

(If you go there, for godsakes don’t tell them I said that. These guys think I’m sexy as hell)