Where did the Angel and Devil arguing on a character's shoulder start?

That Wikipedia article is particularly terrible; it doesn’t even touch on cartoon representations, where the trope seems to have found its modern form. Hergé was particularly fond of the trope and may have codified it from existing “tempting devil and advising angel” motifs. The saintly Tintin was seldom affected, but the more mundane Captain Haddock and Snowy were frequently lured by whiskey or bones. In The Red Sea Sharks from 1958 Captain Haddock had the miniature angel and devil perched on each shoulder, counseling him to either abstain or drink.

In a Halloween episode of Modern Family, 3 boys are walking down a street. In the middle is one of the main characters (Manny, for those who don’t watch) flanked by his cousin Luke in a devil costume, and an unnamed friend wearing the uniform of the Los Angeles Angels baseball team. Naturally, the two are giving Manny conflicting advice.