Where do they get the pictures of characters in movies?

When (not if) I become famous, I will be glad to supply my publicist a video (8mm film) of me as a 3 year-old, throwing a baseball (badly), tuning a radio (loudly), and being a jerk (surely), many, many decades ago. It’s authentic as you can get.

I’m waiting…

Another way this is done is by using the actor’s earlier movies. In Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, they showed a couple of film clips of a young Baby Jane Hudson (Bette Davis) acting to indicate she was a terrible film actress. The clips were from two of Davis’s early films Parachute Jumper (the film she hated the most) and Ex-Lady.

The Sin of Harold Diddlebock/Mad Wednesday uses footage from star Harold Lloyd’s silent film The Freshman.

Arrested Development used a joke where Michael was dating Charlize Theron. He was told she had had plastic surgery to look so beautiful, and there was a quick cut to her in her role in Monster.

Won’t that cost a lot of money in royalties, legal fees drafting the contracts?

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Here are some of the examples I could think of offhand where they used a parent or child in a flashfoward or flashback (or something similar) scene. In The Monuments Men, George Clooney in the second to last scene (set in 1947) speaks of how he’s sure he will be proud thirty years in the future of what he did in World War II. In the last scene, his character in 1977 is touring a church where one of the art works he saved is kept. The character is played by Nick Clooney, George’s father.

In Dead Man Walking, there’s a flashback to when Sister Helen Prejean (Susan Sarandon) was a young girl, where the character is played by Eva Amurri, Sarandon’s daughter.

In Blade Runner, when the movie was re-edited the second time in 2007, twenty-five years after it was released, most of the re-editing was done just using footage shot at the time of the original filming. There were several brief shots though that require some reshooting. They got Ben Ford, Harrison Ford’s son, to play Ford’s character in those shots.

Fraser Heston played the baby Moses in The Ten Commandents.

In another Biblical Moses miniseries. Burt Lancaster played the adult Moses, while his son played Moses as a young man.

In the film Chaplin, with Robert Downey Jr in the title role, Charlie’s mother is played by Charlie’s daughter Geraldine Chaplin. Which is a nice bit of symmetry, I think, playing your actual grandmother.

Bonus trivia; Geraldine Chaplin is the mother of Oona Chaplin who played Mrs Robb Stark in Game of Thrones.

Do you know how much s movie costs? The standard Hollywood film doesn’t get made for less than tens of millions. Licensing for music and other things I’d s routine part of that process. The people funding big studio movies are already paying lawyers full time and they have standard contracts for all these things.

If you’re making a film on your own, then yeah, negotiating snd paying for licenses is time-consuming and costly.

From the IMDB page:

The mugshots of a young-looking Morgan Freeman that are attached to his parole papers are actually pictures of Morgan’s younger son, Alfonso Freeman. Alfonso also had a cameo in the movie as a con shouting “Fresh fish! Fresh fish today! We’re reeling 'em in!”

In “Boston Legal” they used a number of clever tricks - including lengthy flashbacks to “Denny Crane’s” early career created from excerpts of an early William Shatner performance in “The Defenders,” and I think home movies of Candice Bergen’s youth used as memories of “Shirley Schmidt”

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In those cases, no.

Baby Jane was produced by Warner Brothers. Parachute Jumper and Ex-Lady were produced by Warner Brothers when Davis was a contract player there. No problem using those films.

For The Sin of Harold Diddlebock, the movie was owned by Harold Lloyd, who was starring the the new film. He contacted himself by mental telepathy and got permission. :slight_smile:

The introductory scene to *The Persuaders * tv series featured Roger Moore’s son as the young Brett Sinclair .

There’s this little thing called Photoshop. Maybe you’ve heard of it. You bring in pictures of you from when you were a kid, and if you need to add the other members of the family – ta da!

Just like magic!

On the other hand, the photos of Tony Curtis as a kid in NYC and a sailor in the US Navy were 100% genuine.

Liza Minnelli played Judy Garland’s daughter in the final shot of In the Good Old Summertime

Not if the movie being used belongs to the same people.

You’d be surprised. I used to work for a major Hollywood studio, in their interactive division. We had to pay licensing fees to the movie side of the company when we made a game based on one of their properties. Lots of money gets moved from one pocket to the other. Still comes out of your production budget.

I really enjoy the opening sequence of the TV show Parenthood, which includes what I assume must be actual childhood photos and home movies of the four actors who play the Braverman siblings.

The pictures of Carrie as a young girl in the Homeland opening are actual pictures of Claire Danes as a child.

In Jim Jarmusch’s Ghost Dog, the eponymous character is played by Forest Whitaker. In a flashback, his younger self is played by Forest’s son, Damon Whitaker, who looks a lot like his dad, minus the drooping eyelid.