Where do you get gas on the California coast?

Taco Bell, same as anywhere else. burp

I thought about that when writing my subject title, although if I used the word ‘fuel’ instead it would be weird because no one says that in the US, unless you’re talking about planes.

I didn’t create the English language, it’s unnecessary when so many words have different meanings, it didn’t have to be like that.

And have no puns? What fun would that be!?!? Puns are a gas!

Puns aren’t funny. I’ll tell you what is funny though.

Jimmy Stewart in It’s a Wonderful Life saying randomly “Why do we have to have all these kids?”

You don’t need fuel on Highway 1. It’s right there in the name - The Coast Highway.

Older cars can be tagged as gross polluters and removed from the road. There are provisions for Californian’s to report them to the state.


But, older cars are not tested (or they weren’t a few years ago)like newer cars are. Classic cars are typically restored and well cared for and not a problem even though to do pollute more. There’s just too few over all to matter.

I remember high school in SoCal when there were days where the smog was so bad it burned your eyes and made breathing difficult. Those days there was no PE classes due to the air. I haven’t seen a day like that in decades. California got the pollution situation under control and led the way for the rest of the US.

Places on the West Coast where they don’t salt the roads actually have more older vehicles than other states where they would rust.

In Seattle once I saw four International Harvester Scouts in one day that get abysmal gas mileage, a first generation Pontiac Firebird, a first generation Ford Bronco, a Detomaso Pantera, 1980s Toyota Land Cruisers. This was ALL in one day.

Of course I’m very into spotting old cars so I’m always looking over the normal person. There simply wouldn’t be this many old cars in Chicago or Indiana where I live.