Where does your ‘willing suspension of disbelief’ stop?

I always assumed that “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away” thing was supposed to be a joke. You know, to make it sound like a fairy tale. Obviously it looked a lot more like the future than the past.

America under Trump. Still many crazies around waiting for him to get reinstated in August.

any movie/show story where someone seriously declares themselves to be evil or swears loyalty to evil …

Except even there, they violated their own rules. They made a point of all the world’s armed forces having already been sent forward and killed, which is why they’re drafting regular people.

So, are we to think that, in the original timeline, every soldier in the world, including the young and very fit ones, all died within the next 30 years? Implausible at best.

Yes, they did drop this one tidbit of information, but anyone who’s ever shot a gun knows that trying to hit one or two small areas on a moving target (while said target is actively trying to kill and eat you, no less) is incredibly difficult. Any battle plan that relied on people with a single week’s worth of training doing this reliably was doomed from the start.

It’s not the future.

Yeah, Obama to trump was a pretty quick script flip. Fortunately things didn’t get quite as dystopian as they could have. But trumpism hasn’t quite been banished to the dustbin of history yet.

I refuse to believe that an intelligent race could invent the Phillips screw.

I LOVE Escape from New York. But… Turing America into a fascist police state in 16 years - I would have said no, but since trump…I’m not so sure. Turning Manhattan island into a prison? No way! Relocating 1.5 million people, taking over the most expensive real estate in the country? Not buying it. (except for the Bluray. :slight_smile: )

No, it’s the other way. The Speed Grafic was developed from an ancient Light Saber found in a swamp. It had survived all these years, but the power cells were near dead. All it could do when turned on was emit one flash of light (no saber). Which turned out to be almost as useful as a light saber, minus the accidentally hacking your own arm off issue.

I believe Phillips is designed to cam-out before overtorquing the threaded portion of the screw. Existence of it in Star Wars implies:

  1. they do not construct fasteners from higher strength alloys capable of withstanding typical torque from hand-tools.
  2. they do not have convenient access to tools that can measure, auto-apply, or limit appropriate levels of torque / fastener stretch to avoid fastener failure.

I think they were selective on who they sent forward - they only sent people who were done procreating and would be dead soon. They were getting desperate by the time they drafted Chris Pratt - he was going to die in 6 or 7 years. The guy in his patrol who kept re-upping was expecting to die of cancer in 6 months. And, yes, all the fit ones are going to die within the next 30 years - they were down to 500,000 humans by then - 99.99% of the human race was gone.

They pretty much ignored the time paradoxes, however.

Bwahahaha! That’s pretty detailed.

I will stretch pretty far if it’s a good story. If the characters and plot are compelling, I’ll notice gigantic holes in the plot but it will only slightly affect my enjoyment of the work.

For example, as others have said, many details of how the wizarding world in Harry Potter is organized socially/politically and how it interacts with the Muggle world are left to our imaginations, and I can’t imagine any way it could be explained plausibly.

Stephen King’s The Institute is a recent book I quite enjoyed, despite the fact that the plot hinges on a enormous international conspiracy committing horrible crimes for decades and remaining completely undetected. Like a conspiracy theory several orders of magnitude less plausible than “Biden stole the election”. I still didn’t put it down unless necessary once I had started.

And remember the scene in one of the Dragon Tattoo books where the heroine is shot in the head and buried…then regains consciousness and digs herself out? Loved it.

Fair enough, but by that logic, they could pretty much recruit almost anyone, couldn’t they? Clearly this whole part wasn’t well-thought out.

Oh, agreed. “well thought out” is not a phrase that could be applied to pretty much any aspect of the movie, ESPECIALLY those parts involved with time travel.

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Yes, but almost everyone is dead in the future. They should have quite a number to pick from.

Not to mention, with a 70% fatality rate, most should have DC’s that say, “Sent to the future, did not return.”

And the McGuffin about the toxin was just as silly. Why not come back, and simply warn humanity of the upcoming war, and have them prepared to fend it off. My first thought on, “they just appeared” was that the came out of the thawing ice, and it ended up being a thought of a protagonist later in the film as well. So, some expeditions to those areas to try to locate them would be useful. It was a big ass ship, that made compasses go nuts. It would have been seen by satellites years ago anyway, not to mention oil companies looking for new deposits to exploit.

The toxin wasn’t even really used, they killed 6 or so of the aliens with it, and the rest were killed by C4. Is the toxin really all that useful when you have to get that close to it? Could just put a block of C4 on it if you are going to do that.

He wasn’t just risking his life at the end. He was leaping to his death with no hope of personal survival, much less saving anyone else.

Well, you could nitpick every time travel movie in this manner. What “version” of time travel are they using in this movie? Time travel is inherently paradoxical so they could use the old “but they haven’t travelled yet, so their future has not changed” thing.

But I do agree with the earlier criticism. If there are only 500,000 humans alive (remember that the times of 2021 and 2051 are in sync with each other) then out of the 7.78 billion people alive today, it would be the very rare individual who would not be able to jump. Maybe the science only allows people to jump who were not alive at the start of the war, but that would be a fan fic as they never said that.

I thought of that when I was watching, but as of the start of the movie, even the people in the future are unable to defeat the aliens and cannot even hold them off enough to find out how to kill them. Further, the only information that was known about their origin was that no spaceship was spotted and that they first appeared in Russia and spread all over the globe.

So given that, what would the people in 2021 do? Monitor all of Russia in 2048? Had they done that, likely the same scenario happens: they search for a spaceship that doesn’t arrive (because it is already here) and then find a bunch of whiteclaws running around that they are unable to control.

The only way to win was for the 2051 people to find the toxin and bring it back so people in 2021 could mass produce it for use in the future. Yes, the C4 worked because all of the whiteclaws were confined in one space. You can’t exactly C4 each individual one.

Agreed. It was absolutely silly for him to be placed into the slightest bit of danger in the future. He should have had a special jump where his only job was to be protected fully, get the female toxin, have his daughter give him the scoop, and travel back. Of course, then no movie action scenes, but everything he did in the future endangered not only his daughter, but all of humanity.

Boy Howdy! I can think of another example…

So Graflex is Canon?

“Eagles! We could drop the Ring into MT Doom with Eagles!”