Where is the seat of your soul?

My soul lives in a duplex. The primary residence is in my head, near the pineal gland. Then, the vacation home is gonadal. My soul gets in trouble doing spring break type activity there.

“Souls Gone Wild”?

I was going to say when I’m really hungry, my soul is in my belly. My grumbly grumbly belly.

base of my skull. Almost my neck and throat. That’s where I feel myself breathing. Also where I hear my voice.

It really depends on what’s going on at any given moment. If I’m doing something that involves my head–reading, speaking, listening, chewing–then that’s where “I” am. When I’m hiking, it’s more diffuse, a whole body feeling as I keep adjusting as I climb over things and duck under branches and use all of my body at once. If I’m feeling very upset, it’s in my jaw or chest or stomach, depending on which “feels” it more. If I’m aroused, well, duh. I imagine if I read less and did physical things more, I’d be more inclined to put it somewhere in my torso as a default, because I’m surely not “in” my head when I’m running.

“I” exist neither in time nor space, “I” just AM.

Really, at times I feel as tho I live outside of my body, my mind being a controller of this puppet body. When I write, my hands are me, when I sing, my voice is me, when I love or laugh, my body is me. When I think … “I” think.

Make sense to anyone?
ETA: I see the previous simulpost gets it

Seein’ the two above posts as very astute…more than I am. Immediate, I tend to see Self as located in the head, and very oriented around the eyes and forehead.

With some meditative training, I’ve learned to feel myself more in the Heart region. Some meditations have a remarkable effect in opening up that area of feeling, a real breath of relief and lessening of constriction. The best I can describe it is as a lightening, and burden lifted. It is definetely a feeling of a part of self/soul that is more active when attention paid to it.

In duress, well, yep, the guts. When I’m feeling stressed and threatened, I feel it in my mid section; pain, upset stomach, gurgling innards and diarrhea. The rare converse is odd constipation. Ya hate to think of your soul having the runs, but, for me, when it does, it’s obviously traceable to mental stress, and supercedes other body functions, so, a good indication of where Self/soul is paying attention too.

Not a Puker, though. :slight_smile:

I’m definitely inside my eyeballs. Does it mean I need to meditate more?

My seat is around my solar plexus. All my emotions resonate there, from anxiety to lust to contentment.

My first thought was “behind my eyes.” Then I realized that this statement was incorrect. “Mostly behind my left eye” is more accurate" and that tells me that it has more to do with vision specifically than with the brain in general. I have very little vision in my right eye.

So where would I be if I were totally blind? If I close my eyes, I still perceive myself as being “mostly behind my left eye.”

Actually, I’d concur with this - I am in the right side of my head - I have diminished vision in my left eye.

I reckon you might be anywhere, as the above posts have demonstrated, however, I would imagine that it would be common for deaf people to perceive themselves as between their ears.

In a box, under my bed.

I’ve never really thought about it, but as most of my sensory perception seems to be through my eyes and ears, I guess I think of my ‘self’ as being in the centre of my head, where the through-lines of my ears and eyes meet.

Did you mean blind people?


I’m in my head. The whole head. At the moment when I sit here and consider Me, I feel the rest of my body as kind of an abstract. I tell my fingers to type, they type. I can feel the seat under my butt. But my Self is inside my head, I can feel my whole head, as opposed to other parts of my body that seem to “fade out” if I’m not paying attention to them.

But I’m fully willing to concede that may be mostly because I have a head cold at the moment, so it feels like my whole head has been wrapped in a thick plastic bag that’s being vacuumed in on me.

45% my brain.
27% my liver.
28% my left penis.

Um, you have more than penis?

I should hope he has more than penis. Otherwise, what is he using to type with? :eek:

Obviously with his penis, duh! (using his liver as leverage and his brain as a counterweight.

I perceive my thoughts to be behind my eyes, slightly up and forward from the point between my ears. At the moment, I can actually feel a slight tingle in a dome-shaped area where I imagine the frontal lobe of my brain to be. Impulses spring from my core (below my diaphragm) to my limbs. Energy and emotion reside in my blood; I can sometimes feel intense emotion around my heart, perhaps because it pumps all of that charged blood.