Where would you hide $10 million in cash/jewels

I don’t know that I’d hide it. I’d probably spend part of it on gambling, part of it on booze and part of it on women. The rest I’d spend foolishly.

A generally good plan. But I’m not burying it in some cemetary out in the country. Why put it some place where anyone can start looking? I’m going to buy a large plot of land and bury it somewhere on my own property.

And I’d divide it up into ten shares and bury them all in seperate holes. Somebody might get lucky and find one stash but I won’t lost everything.

Convert it to precious stones. Set it in jewelry that looked like junk. Treat it like junk jewelry. (Except for the part where I keep losing one earring–I’d treat it a bit better than that.) But not much better, because then it would look like Something instead of worthless rhinestone gewgaws.

You can only go there once :smack:

…for 20 minutes


Isn’t the old adage that the best place to hide something is in plain view?

38 dusty cardboard boxes of Christmas decorations in the basement, except one box is a bit more valuable than just for sentimental reasons…

Or six huge potted plants on the back patio, but a couple of them might not have dirt going all the way to the bottom of the three foot high containers…

An entire bookcase of dusty out-of-date sets of encyclopedias and law books…except one complete set is hollowed out and glued shut, as if bought solely for decoration…

A false back panel in the large glass aquarium where you keep your pet cobra…

The bottom of your laundry hamper where you throw your dirty underwear and socks…

Inside your pit bull’s dog house…

Inside frozen turkeys. I bet no one looking for treasure while searching through a home thinks to themselves “well, it wasn’t in the safe, now let’s look in the frozen turkeys.” Ever.

Nice, the ol’ hookers and blow routine.

I’d tell you, but then I can’t use it.

I will hide it in a place that they can never imagine…

Open up one of my unused CPU tower and stashed it all inside, run Linux on it and use it as a file-server; so if my wicked step-brothers and step-sisters come, they will never thought to look inside a functioning computer…

(If one CPU tower won’t fit, I will set up a render farm. yah)

My apartment actually has a good sized hidden room. You have to smack the wall in the right space to pop it open.

I could hide anything there.

Given a really good watertight container, the septic tank would be ideal.

Reminds me of a true story a roommate told me about when he was a taxi driver, and he gave a ride to a prostitute who hailed him in one of the rougher parts of town . . . those bills were spent quickly.

As for the OP, it really depends on the time involved. If it’s a scenario like The Shawshank Redemption, then burying it someplace it won’t be disturbed, like an old graveyard as Sampiro suggests. Shorter-term, it could be anyplace.

I like this idea, but it wouldn’t work in my house.

NOSY NEIGHBOR: Why do you have stairs in a one-story house? :dubious:

ME: I just like stairs? :smack:

Up the ladder to the roof/
Where we can see heaven much better


Or other gold coins.

Dipped in chocolate, then re-wrapped in gold foil and placed in my kithcen.

Too obvious. As soon as someone picks up the bag (or even a single coin), they will know what they have.

And if the searcher decides to eat one… :smack:


The big problem with stashing stuff in the freezer is that there’s always the possibility that the freezer will be cleaned by some well-meaning but clueless helper and your stuff winds up in a landfill.

My first inclination would be towards safe deposit boxes.

But if you need something more subpoena proof…

Convert everything to gold.
Melt and cast gold into small statues.
Electroplate with brass.
Display in suitable curio cabinet.

Just don’t make them into Eifel Towers!

Wouldn’t a false panel in a glass enclosure be kind of, you know…noticeable?

Yeah, if you’re going to bury it, don’t bury it on land that somebody else might be able to buy someday.

Maybe in a National Park?