Where'd my bones go?

Teeth is bone. It is the hardest type of bone in the body. If you had your wisdom teeth out you lost a few bones. heh.

I do remember this being discussed. I could have sworn Cecil had coverd this, yet my search of the archives pulled up nothing.
So, I must be remembering this discussion from 12 years ago when I studied Forensic Anthropology.
I do remember the skull and pelvic area had many bones that fuse.
I do remember this NOT every grown adult has 206 bones.

Now, this question has got me wondering. Let me do some digging in the attic and see if I can find my old books and get a complete answer.


Thanks for not giving up, Osip.

Never dreamed this question would be a stumper …

I seem to recall that there are bones in your ear that fuse together (the hammer and stirrup and…?)

There’s a few more. I think.

I’ve got an answer, of sorts.

Other bones that fuses are the long bones, such as the arms. In an adult, the humerous bone (a single bone) is made up of fused bones (composed of one shaft- known as diaphysis and two heads- known as epiphyses). These three
bones are separate and distinct bones in a growing child. If you count both arms, then a child has 6 bones in the arm and the adult has only 2. The same goes to other long bones.

So each long bone in your limbs (humorous, radius, ulna, femur, tibia, fibula) is counted as three in children, one in adults. There’s another 24.

The metacarpals and metatarsals (bones between the wrist and fingers & heel and toes) are probably also 3-to-1 fusions. There’s another 40 accounted for.