Where's the cheapest place to get a car battery?

That would be great if we weren’t thinking we’re more likely to get $3500. Ideally we are not spending one more dime on this car.

I was going to vote for the junkyard. Don’t buy one that is even slightly bulging on the sides.

Also, bulging on the sides is something to check on your current battery. If it looks puffy, it’s shot. If it doesn’t, well, there are still a few things that could have gone wrong, but it’s worth a shot at a trickle-charge.

If you go to a junkyard, you’ll probably buy it off a shelf, they won’t pull it out of a car that’s been sitting out on the lot for a year.

I got my last battery from AAA it was about the same price as Walmart, but AAA came to ME and installed the battery in my parking lot. Worth the extra $5-$10.

$4200 … don’t forget margins …

We have a place here in RI called “Battery Exchange” that rebuilds returned batteries and resells them for about 1/2 price of new. Maybe look for places that rebuilds old batteries and takes old batteries in exchange?

Just out of curiosity, what makes the wet batteries such a PITA? From my perspective, sealed batteries seem like a lot of extra money for something that only lasts like 3-4 years anyway.

Go to a battery place, the smaller the better so you’re dealing with the owner, with cash. Ask for a scratch-and-dent. You’ll get a new battery that’s fine, it will be new, just cosmetically imperfect, maybe installed once and pulled for a larger one. I’m pretty shameless, I just put the money on the counter and ask for a battery because I can’t afford a new one. There will be no returns. I paid $40 for my last battery in the fall.

It’s just another thing you have to maintain. And if you don’t it can affect it’s ability to hold a charge and lower it’s life time. I had one spit out water once and get all over an engine.

But like I said, YMMV.

What’s bad about wet batteries is that they’re more prone to dead cells. You’d have to be vigilant in maintaining them.

They always say that. Everyone I know that has needed a jump from AAA has been told they need a new battery which through sheer coincidence they sell.

Do yourself a favor and get a plug-in-the-wall battery charger. A small one to two amp charger is fine. Charge it over night, or until the charger says it’s charged. If it starts after an overnight charge, then hook it up every night and unhook it every morning until it sells. They only cost $15-20 at walmart and are well worth the investment. Keeping the battery charged will prolong it’s life.

Well, yeah, but his advice for me was not to buy one from him.

My point is they never fully test the battery. Oh you need a jump? Battery dead, buy a new one.

Mine tend to crap out in roughly the same amount of time, whether I’m super-diligent with topping them off with distilled water on a regular schedule, or if I’m rather indifferent about it and top it off on occasion with tap water from the garden hose.

Maybe it’s a climate thing; our summers are really hot here and that kills batteries fast, independent of maintenance.

For anyone waiting with bated breath - WE SOLD IT! The DAY after I listed it on Craigslist, right after I got the new title. GUY DID NOT EVEN HAGGLE (so maybe we underpriced? We got our 4K…) AND we didn’t get murdered, so wins all around!

Good going. :slight_smile:

I sold my guitar and amp a few days ago. No haggle, he plopped the money down and said here you go.