Where's this song been hiding all these years!

I heard the intro to a song on TV today. It sent a chill down my spine as it’s a song I very much used to adore but haven’t heard in… years

Where have you been all this time Belfast Child? (Simple Minds)

I can’t wait til this happens again (with another song). I’m in a bit of a music lull. I need to rediscover it.
Also need to get m’sen a mp3 player. Next paycheck.

Life is Good.

Yes, life = good.
Any new pics? Haven’t seen any from you in a while.

Oh yeah, post a song that I’ve missed but heard recently…
From the CD Mystique by Special EFX - Rainy Sunday

A hounting tune, mellow and somewhat sad. I thougth it was gorgeous but it never got the airplay that Hands of the Healer did. Heard it in a salon my friend works in the other day. Man, it’s a good song.

Honting? I guess I’m going for phonetic spelling. Haunting.

I was eating up OMD’s Sugar Tax for years before I discovered their song “The Dead Girls.” And what a song it is.