Which amusement park ride induces the most vomiting?

Yeah, think it’s the Yank word for Waltzer. Which has never made me sick but did once make me experience high-G tunnel vision when the carnie spun it extra fast.

I went on the Zipper once. Big mistake. Not only did I up-chuck my lunch the carnies don’t tell you not to have change in your pocket because you won’t have any by the time the ride is over.

I stick to roller coasters from now on. Much more fun.

OP wanted anecdote. Well I like these rides, I just tend to have a short memory.

So there was a small amusement park that parked itself at the mall parking lot about 5 years ago. It had one of those pendulum rides and I convinced myself that it really wasn’t that bad, after all I could handle airplane rides when I didn’t think I could.

So anyway, mid afternoon, nobody around. I get on the pendulum ride and tell the carny to be sure and give me my money’s worth. Well he said the owner was right over there, but he see what he could do.

So anyway he got it swinging back and forth but before it went all the way over, the ride slowed down. He brought it to a stop and I was kinda ticked. He let on another passenger and told me “Oh no, you’re not going anywhere”. Then he went ahead and started that ride again and gave us a good couple revloutions.

Anyway, it was as bad as I remembered. I walked about halfway to my car, puked and started w/ the headache and cold sweat. Drove to fast food to replenish what I puked, then drove home to sleep in a dark room for about 2 hours. Suppose I just wanted to see if I grew out of motion sick. I hadn’t.

That was the single worst ride I’ve ever been on. My legs were jelly for hours. We staggered out of the ride and had to sit for a while before we could even move on. My stomach was in knots all day and I felt just awful. I think if I had had anything in my stomach, I might have vomited. I certainly had to be careful for hours later so I wouldn’t vomit.

I second Teacups. Little harmless-looking things made me remember I’m not 15 any more.

Another vote for The Rotor. As a kid, it was the first time in my life I’d ever seen Dad turn green.

I know people that have been on every imaginable ride… since we grew up along the coast and spent summers along the Jersey/Delware/Maryland shores, which have boardwalks with rides and rides and rides.

Never heard a ‘vomit on ride’ story, whether we worked at the Piers (rides) or in any casual conversation about the rides, etc.

Never until people starting going on Mission: Space (Disney World). I’ve heard multiple vomit stories about that.


>Anecdotal – but powerful – evidence. :slight_smile:

FYI - the Rotor and the Gravitron are essentially the same ride, but the Rotor is a nearly 90-year-old design, and it’s about 16 feet across. It spins at 33 rpm, and produces about 3g. The Gravitron popped up in 1983. It spins at 24 rpm, and also generates about 3g, but some say that it generates more like 4g; that would mean it’s either about 30 feet or 40 feet across. It slants out a bit, and instead of the floor dropping out, as with the Rotor, the pads slide up as it reaches final speed. Oh, and it’s not called a Gravitron any more, it’s a “Starship 2000” (does Grace Slick sing??)

I immediately thought of this attraction (bolding mine)! It was called “Spin Out” at Magic Mountain in the '80s. Simple concept and ride, but what a rush. Even though I always felt dizzy and nauseous afterwards, it was one of my “must rides.”

I once fell into a bush after riding the Gravitron :frowning:

The most nausea-inducing ride I’ve ever been on was in a taxi from JFK airport to a friend’s apartment in Brooklyn.


Ah, the good ol’ Cajun Cliffhanger.

'Twas the Zipper for me, though I didn’t actually throw up. But I came closer than I ever had. I hate that ride, and I love roller coasters.

The teacups and rotor are two of my top choices along with the top spin. The big arm goes around slowly, then the little arm attached to the seating area spins around like mad… whoom, whoom, whoom… barf!

I have no problem with roller coasters, the Tilt-A-Whirl, or the Rotor, but the Zipper (called the Zephyr where I rode it, at Rye Playland in NY) made me lose my lunch both times I rode it.

Why did I ride it twice? A year or so after getting sick on it the first time, I went on a first date there. My date INSISTED on going on the Zephyr as it was her favorite ride, even after I warned her it was a bad idea. Amazingly (or appallingly), we had two more dates after that - but not to any damn amusement parks!