Which Nobel Peace Prize winner has killed the most people?

I don’t mean “personally executed the most people.” I mean “issued orders which ultimately led to the deaths of the most people.”

I know it’s a nebulous question - Kissinger wasn’t the commander-in-chief, for example, but his recommendations led to a lot of deaths.

I do NOT want this to devolve into a slanging match, be it arab-Jewish (“Arafat is a terrorist!” “No, Begin is a terrorist!”) or liberal-conservative (“Iraq is Bush’s war!” “Obama’s giving the orders!”). I just find questions of moral flexibility interesting.


I’m going to guess it’s a toss-up between Rabin and Teddy Roosevelt for actually killing people. Not too many active soldiers on that list.

It’s harder to say whose orders lead to the most deaths, although I’d throw Gorbachev’s name into the mix with the various Middle Eastern leaders: even though he called off the Afghan war, the fighting between the mujahadeen and the puppet Afghan forces was still pretty bloody.

i thought this was going to head down towards a… whose scientific breakthrough led to the most deaths kind of deal like the namesake Alfred regretting his invention of dynamite. under the current guidelines, it almost certainly would be a “peace” winner, no?

iirc, woodrow wilson won it. i’ll say him.

If you want to get really obtuse, most of the peace prizes given during the interwar period were given to people associated with the various post-war treaties and organizations that arguably helped start World War Two, or at least were ineffective at preventing it.

How about Dr. Fritz Haber (Chemistry Nobel Prize). He also invented the process for making poison gas (chlorine) in WWI.
Probably over 100,000 allied soldiers died as a result of his efforts.

How about George Marshall? He was the Army Chief of Staff during World War II so he could arguably be held responsible for all of the casualties inflicted by and to the United States Army. His German and Japanese counterparts were held liable for their actions.

Tangent: Of the surviving Nobel Peace Prize winners, who would likely win in hand to hand combat (fighting amongst themselves, that is). /tangent

Probably one of the organizations like Doctors without Borders, by virtue of sheer numbers.

I’m going to go with the 1988 winner.

Aung San Suu Kyi, definitely. Have you seen her biceps? She could snap you like a twig.

Given that it is rather nebulous, it’s probably better suited to GD than GQ.

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