Which operating systems tend to be most vulnerable to ransomware attacks?

Yeah, unfortunately both individual human nature and corporate cultural nature lean hard in the direction of “why keep changing everything? what good is a “fix” to the system that breaks the main program/app/path we use for our job? how come we have to lose half a workday restarting and rebooting everything? wait, so this new OS will regularly “phone home” w/o asking me for permission and tell them what I’ve been doing???” The notion that these inconveniences (and in some cases, actual short term losses such as when the new OS no longer plays nice with the application) are worth it is sometimes hard to drive home.

This is one of my biggest complaints about OS vendors. Security fixes and feature updates should be completely separate. Sometimes they’re good about it, but it always seems like Microsoft and Apple eventually give in to their dark impulses and roll the two together.