Who is your favorite cast member from The Dick Van Dyke Show?

This is the first in a series of favorite character polls I’ll be posting.

I’d say Rob overall, but in the office scenes, Buddy.

But I voted for Rob, Buddy and Laura which I’m guessing are going to be your winners here.

I can’t help it. I have always been and will always be madly, hopelessly, deliriously in love with Rob Petrie and the man who played him.

Buddy would be my second choice. He had a lot of the best lines, and how can you not love a guy with a wife named Pickles?

How can I choose but one!!!

…and a German Shepherd named Larry.

“Well, my real name is Fiona, but in my neighborhood all the girls named Fiona were called Pickles.”

I used to love Sally Rogers (hell, I grew up to become Sally Rogers!), but since I learned first-hand what a *bitch *Rose Marie is, I’ll go with Millie Helper.

I’ll tell you this: Richie is my least favorite. I still want to strangle that cutesy little PITA.

I have to say this is an impossible choice. I don’t know of any show where I honestly like each character as much as I do on this show. I love them all!

It was a great emsemble show, but my favorite will alwas be Rob, who was the glue that held the cast together.

I didn’t realize until many, many years on in life just how much of a hottie Mary Tyler Moore was back then.

Richie Petrie was the most wooden, unskilled child actor in the history of the world. He was an occasional plot device, nothing more, but they couldn’t find a better kid actor?

ETA: What sort of bitch was Rose Marie?

In my dreams, I am married to Laura.

I know I am not alone in this.

I always thought that dubious honor went to Lindsay/Sidney Greenbush, the twins who played Carrie Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie. Of course, they were terrible actors on a terrible show, so they didn’t stand out as much as Richie did.

Wow, whiny Laura is beating out both Rob and Buddy!

Are you sure you are not viewing her through the rose tinted spectacles of the Mary Tyler Moore Show, people?

Sure, Laura was pretty, but she was also pretty annoying.

DVD was a master of the pratfall and the double take. That rubbery face was probably the model for Jim Carrey’s antics. His comedic timing was impeccable. All that said, I watched the show largely to see MTM’s ass.

Darn pretty.

I’m guessing that the Laura vote is more of a “who would you like to sleep with” thing, although that doesn’t explain why Buddy is in nearly a dead heat for second at this point in time.

“Pretty” doesn’t give her justice.

DVD and MTM were both fantastic, but Morey Amsterdam gave more laughs per minute of screen time than anyone else in that cast (which is saying a lot.) Carl Reiner would be up there if he gave himself more screen time. Anyhow, Morey Amsterdam deserves credit for standing in for the 90% of the writing staff that would be Jewish in the real world.

Sally Rogers was too grating for me at times, but I’m shocked that she’s received less than 10% of the vote.

And Richard Deacon as Mel Cooley is underrated.