Who is your favorite cast member from The Dick Van Dyke Show?

That’s because neither Rob nor Buddy had an Ohhhhhhhhh ROOOOOOOOOB!" punchline burned into America’s collective subconciousness.

And MTM was a hell of a comedian, as well as being great looking.

I still think Laura Petrie was one of the most lovely women ever to grace the small screen.

Mr. Van Dyke scored huge points with me for his recent guest appearance on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. I was floored that he took the time to call in and answer all those questions about the Dick Van Dyke Show and Diagnosis, Murder. He’s a class act all the way!

But Laura was much easier on the eyes.


P.S. Here’s a link to Dick on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.

It didn’t hurt that MTM bore a strong resemblance to Jackie Kennedy: tall, slender, dark boufant hair, pretty.

I’ve heard, but am too lazy to look it up, that he and Morey would hit the bars to come up with more insults. I suspect there was a lot of film where they went through a dozen insults and took the one that got the most laughs.

At least, that’s why they CLAIMED to hit the bars. :dubious:

I fell in love with MTMMMMMMMMMMMMMM at the time; I was in my early teens, with hormones raging.

She was my second boob tube love, after Lucille Ball.

My favorite episodes are the few where Alan Brady makes an appearance. The episode where Laura goes on a game show and reveals that Alan is bald is the probably funniest of the series.

Morey Amsterdam is my second choice.

Back when this show was first aired, I was a teenager with a big ole crush on Dick Van Dyke. Even today, I think he’s hot.

Buddy all the way, with Rob a close second. They were all pretty great though.

I think Ritchie was fine, but his character was made too whiny.

I finally went with Buddy because I remember the episode when he was working to prepare for his bar mitzvah(late though he was!)

Buddy was the first TV character I remember that belonged to a specific religion. I probably saw what I call “generic Christians” on TV, but denomination was not mentioned that I recall.

He wasn’t a regular, but he was a family member…Jerry Van Dyke…I loved his appearances on the show.

I had such a huge crush on Laura when that show was on…a hot woman also with a sense of humor? Totally ftw.

Completely true.

And the kid who played him couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag.

Anyway, my vote is for everything about the whole show (except Richie), including all the characters, the Petries’ house, Rob’s office, back-before-they-were-married episodes, and especially the opening music and tripping over (or avoiding) the ottoman.

Do the young people like this show? It is both totally of a specific moment and somehow universal.

Tough choice, but I picked Laura. As others have said, she was both very pretty, and very funny.