Who leaked the draft abortion decision?

This could make sense if the decision wasn’t to be released until after the election. As it is going to be released in July at the latest, that doesn’t really work. As far as motivating voters goes, the closer to the election, the better.

OTOH, if you were a strong pro-lifer, and you knew this decision was coming, then if you give a heads up to states to start pushing anti-abortion legislation, you are saving babies.

It could well be someone that no one has ever heard of, but that’s no fun for speculation. In the group of pro-lifers we do know of, Ginny Thomas seems top of the list as far as accessibility to the material, most to gain, and least to lose.

Heh. On the other other hand, here’s an offbeat possibility: picture someone who doesn’t much care either way about abortion: not a guy who’d describe himself as strongly pro-life, or strongly pro-choice, but just an unimaginative opportunist who leaks this with, like, a shrug…

…and then, well, he simply waits to see if a consensus emerges: if one side full-throatedly hails him as a hero while the other side shouts that You’d Have To Be A Damned Idiot To Have Leaked This In Hopes Of Helping Our Cause, Which Suffered A Horrible Setback Due To This, why, then, he’ll step forward to declare that he did it for Side A; but if he instead finds out that people see it the other way around, then he’ll declare for Side B.

If he figures one side will shower him with money while singing his praises, and we figure he still doesn’t yet know which side that is, then would he bide his time until he could maximize his odds of parlaying all this into a lucrative Yeah-I-Meant-To-Do-That reveal?

If we are going with the janitor that found this in the wastebin or busser who picked up off the lunch table, then I could see this.

Anyone within the confines of those who should be legally in the know, however, I doubt any would have such ambivalence. They are throwing away either their careers or their reputations, and even those they would side with would not trust them in the future.

I can’t help but remember that old saying:

A hit dog will holler.

I suppose “will be” would have been more appropriate.