Who named Earth?

What’s scary is, that somebody called up the planetarium and asked me who discovered the planets (she was tyring to finish her daughter’s homework, iirc) - after telling her that nobody identifyable discovered Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, and that Mssrs. Herchel, Adams, Leverrier, and Tombaugh were responsible for the outer three, she actually asked me who discovered the Earth.

Now I wish I had thought of “Joe Earth.”

wow good catch boris, i hadn’t realized. thanks

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That’s two to’s, too. you’re right metro Adam means the earth, in the soil sense.
Dang ,finagle, just shut down the board AND put Cecil out of a job.From now on nobody ask any thing unless you already know the answer.Or at least have thoroughly researched it enough to know there is an answer,of course by then you will have found the answer, so what’s the point. And from now on the name of this thread is "What’s HIS problem ? "

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Incidentally, “adam” means “man” in Turkish. I’m not sure whether “man” in the sense of adult male, or in the sense of human.

It means “a human being”, if this goy recalls correctly.

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