Who would taste better? (need answer fast)

12 week old foetus. Kinda like Balut. Acquired taste maybe but grilled I would imagine tastes like placenta.

Mmmm… placenta with polenta!

I used to date a girl who told me, is I ever had to pick a meal for her, to go with dead baby animals.
In other news…shouldn’t one of the poll options be about food? :slight_smile:

Mmm, this is delicious! Is this Steve?

I can’t see how gender would matter nearly as much as age and physical condition (fat vs. lean). Am I wrong?

Uncastrated Boar’s meat is pretty rough tasting compared to something without all that testosterone. Am guessing meat from a sow wont have that heavy taste

It could apply to long pig too

I enjoy veal so…

I said kids, because lamb / veal are supposed to be much nicer than mutton / beef. Though I don’t know for sure; I’ve had veal only a handful of times, and never had mutton…

Aside from that: I don’t like fatty meat, so I’d think a lean adult of either gender, stewed for a nice long time, would yield some deeee-lishus soup.

I saw a focus groupon this recently…

Using Kobe Beef as something to strive for, I’d go with a slob who drinks a lot of beer, but who gets enough exercise not to be just plain fat. Not overly athletic, but enough that the muscle is well marbled with moderate fat. Plenty of massages to work the blend into a consistent marbling.

Somebody along the lines of an NFL pro football lineman, if you need an example.

Aw Steve! Awesome video, for a commercial