Whopper Juniors?


Or Filet-O-Fish since fish is plural?

No, because “newton” is the noun.

Both “fish” and “fishes” is the plural for “fish,” depending on context. Anyhow, I’d go “filet of fishes” here, or possibly “filet of fish sandwiches.”

Has Burger King protected the name Whopper Sr., yet?
[li]Whopper Seniors?[/li][li]Whoppers Senior?[/li][/ul]

Aren’t they all the same kind?

Brother in laws, or brothers in law?

Yes, but – sorry, it should have been “Filet-O-Fishes” – it’s a product name and should take a regular plural in my opinion. To me, the unit that gets pluralized is “Filet-O-Fish,” not “fish.” Just like it would be “Whopper Juniors” for me in regards to the OP. “Whoppers Junior” just sounds stupid in English.


Personally, I hate “brothers-in-law,” although will use it to keep the pedants away.

Jeez, I thought you were all talking about malted milk balls. I gotta go lie down.

mmmmmm…Malty Balls. I thought so, too.

Interestingly, I found that Jane Austen wrote “sister in laws” and similar constructs throughout her writing, occasionally when I would have thought that nouns adjective would have actual been easier to say or to scan in writing. And I have never heard her writing described as informal. I am not denying your point, but noting that English has a long history of its most famous authors not following classroom rules.

Dear Princess Royal Marie:

The sergeants major have returned with the Whoppers Junior that you requested. Professor Emeritus Smith suggested that we remember to pick up some Sevens-Up. We will need crates aplenty to stock our house beautiful. In times past, in fact, since time immemorial, that was enough for many dreams deferred. While you’re at it, could you pick up some nachos supreme? The ministers plenipotentiary and the femmes fatale are coming and threatening to call up some courts-martial unless we deliver proof positive of catering extraordinaire. If we fail, they will consider it malice aforethought and convince the body politic to declare us personas non grata with letters patent delivered by a private first class. Even God Almighty would be afraid of such a force majeure.

This is clearly a code red problem and I have gone through a treasure trove of whiskies sour finding a solution that will preserve the forest primeval without spending too many pounds sterling.

Yours sincerely,

Airman Basic Jones, notary public for the Church Universal and Triumphant and Director-General of the Battles Royale.


However, to be pedantic (and why not) the plural of this one is an exception since its French. The proper plural is femmes fatales, since in French a plural noun takes a plural adjective.

Obviously “Sevens-Up” is off.

Perhaps more subtly, “whiskies sour” is wrong, because “sour” is not an adjective describing the whiskey, but the other way round; sours are a class of drinks, which can be made with whiskey, or with other liquor.

This is one of those zombie threads that makes me really want to know what the necromancer was searching for that brought them here…