Who's A Big Softy?

My gf, after hearing about my Air Force background, my stories of playing sports, and the stories from my mom about how I fought back from a wheelchair to be able to walk again, told me she when she first got to know me she thought I was one of those tough guys who don’t like to show emotion. She said I seemed like the typical ex-athlete, ex-military beer guzzler. Recently however, she says she’s changed her mind as I have been showing my soft side as of late.

She said it started a week ago, when we rented Life is Beautiful and she noticed me getting teary-eyed at the end, and then these past couple days she saw how I coddled my dog when I thought she was hurt (even calling the dog, ‘my baby’ and letting it up on the furniture - a big no-no around my place cuz she sheds so badly in summer). This morning I’ve been accused of being a “big softy” because I expressed excitement about my sister’s any-day-now birth of my niece and admitted wanting a child or two of my own. (My sister’s official due date is the 27th of this month, but I picked today as the date in the baby pool)

So who else out there is, or knows someone who is, a human Tootsie Roll Pop - hard on the outside, soft on the inside?

I’ve been told that I’m cool and hard because I can pull it together in a crisis and get things done. Generally, I’m falling apart on the inside but try to be focussed.

Oh yeah Bratman…I’m a HUGE softy. I look like a real hardass, but when I’m relaxed and comfortable, I can get real emotional, empathetic Etc.


How bout an example GaWd. You can say you’re a softy just to get the girls who dig that sort of thing, but I want proof.

right here Brat. Ex-military, tough as nails Infantryman, even have a nice bullet wound scar in my leg from Bosnia, suffered the oh so typical Brooklyn childhood in a sh!††¥ family household…etc yada yada, scars and all. I saw the same movie, and there were definitely a few tears slipping down my cheeks at the end of that one. Had that happen at the beginning of Pvt.Ryan as well, but not at the end. And in the Lion King… :rolleyes: oops, nah, just kidding, not the Lion King. :::wipes a tear:::
just broke up with my girl about 2 weeks ago now, still hurtin’, so i guess i’m a big softy too. YOU GOTTA PROBLEM WIDDAT!!! :wink:

Ok, the clearest example in my mind right this second.

Back when ER was a new show(second series or so), when the fireman(I forget now, but it was Juan, or Javier or something(?), got burned so badly, there was a group of us watching it.

I cried for the poor guy. Pathetic, I know…just me and the girls, cryin away LoL!

There are lots more examples, but I don’t have the time to go through the memorybanks and you’d all get bored with it after a few posts :slight_smile:


Oh, right. As if I’d admit to it.

I always start welling up a bit when I watch any show or movie where a relatively main character dies in a way that is a little bit lingering. It is strange, because I feel no real connection to the movie or show itself, but somehow I overcommit to the emotion of losing a loved one and start to feel the loss myself.

Of course, I have a huge soft spot for my wife, but I think that is to be expected.

The above post has been brought to you by Pfizer.

Gee… I always new Mully was a softy!

Terms of Endearment. Damn, that movie gets me every time. I’m sobbing like a baby after the first few minutes and all the way through the damn thing. I don’t know why I continue to subject myself to it, other than for the catharsis.

People have always painted me as bitchy and mean, the first one to roll her eyes at sentimentality. But I was getting choked up trying to pick out father’s day cards, fer chrissakes.

I’m a Cancer-Leo cusp. Nuff said.

Not quite 'nuff said. I don’t follow horoscope stuff. What does that mean?

Leo’s are bold, dignified show-offs, 'bout what you would expect from a lion.

Cancers are extremely sensitive, self concious, and so on.

I was born early in the morning on July 23rd, so I’m right on the cusp. Which means my personality is smack dab in the middle.

A friend once told me that I was like a Cadbury Cream Egg. Hard on the outside, gooey and sugary-sweet on the inside. I believe my response was “Go to hell.”

I have a friend who once said of another friend: “She has that attitude that says ‘I want to be cuddled, but if you try it I’ll fucking kill you.’” Ever since then I’ve been seeing more and more people whom that can be applied to.

Very soft here. You guys were right , voting me the most shy. You guys out there really do know how to judge people, just by their words…

I guess it’s okay for girls to post here huh? I have a rep as a real hard-ass “she who must be obeyed” BUT … beat this …

I cry at * commercials. *

The mutual fund commercial where the pregnant mommy is discussing money with her husband, and asks, “Are we going to be alright?” And then he flashes forward and sees the baby being born, teaching her to ride a bike, going to school, graduating, having her own kids, coming back to visit the old folks … Oh good God I’m getting goosebumps!!

FreekFreely, my husband was born July 24th. Any insight into his weird crabby behaviour?

What, are you suggesting I’m weird and crabby? Screw you!

I’m a 200 lbs ex wrestler who plays with big fricking knives for fun. But some people say that I write poetry because deep inside, I really just want to be loved.

Well I don’t! I write poetry to send my hard, callous exterior into shock!

Oh, okay. I did cry at the end of Terminator 2. And The Man in the Iron Mask. But that was ony because I grew up with the story of the Three Musketeers, and I always wanted to be D’Artagnon.