Who's Your All-Time Favorite Director?

That could be either of two famous pairs of brothers, only one of which has been explicitly mentioned.

Since my true favorite has already been mentioned, I’ll list my very-close runner-up, David Lynch.

I’ll go with Werner Herzog.

Coen Brothers, but I probably haven’t seen enough films by the old directors to make a proper opinion (Kubrick, Hitchcock, etc).

Aki Kaurismaki.

Also a fan of Kieslowski, Kubrick, Herzog, Kurosawa and Welles.

David Lynch.

A third vote for the Cohen Brothers.


runners up: Peter Weir, Clint Eastwood, Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino by a nose over Akira Kurosawa and Sidney Lumet.


Godard is a close runner-up.

Tough call. Kubrick is way up there (I just saw Clockwork Orange the other night, and I loved most of his films). But Akira Kurasowa’s *TThe Seven Samurai is my all-time favorite.

John Huston

His Wikipedia biography states that a common theme in his films is the individual who is willing to sacrifice everything in order to gain self-understanding. I disagree with this theme, since plenty of people sacrifice everything and don’t gain jack shit. A more realistic theme would make the willingness to redeem self-understanding from among the wreckage the better part of valor.

Frank Capra

Oh boy, I can’t decide between Kubrick & Kurosawa. I’m a Director groupie so I could list dozens, but it’d have to come down to those two.

Gun to head? Kurosawa. Or Kubrick. Damn!

Whichever one I’m watching at the time.

I’ll go with Paul Thomas Anderson. Ask me tomorrow and my answer will probably change.

I don’t think I have one. I looked at the 100 movies I gave the highest ratings to on IMDB, and with the exception of sequels and series, no two movies have the same director.

Hmmm… a good poll might be, what Job Title most influences/interests you in a movie? Actor, Director, Producer, Cinematographer, etc…? I am definitely in the “director” camp.

Chuck Jones.

incredible, i’m the first to nominate eyebrows marty!

David Lean

Difficult question. Today, right now, I’d say … Andrei Tarkovskij.

Tomorrow it could be Werner Herzog, David Lean, Ken Russell, Satyajit Ray, Ulrich Seidl, Bela Tarr, Ingmar Bergman, Woody Allen, Carl T. H. Dreyer, Alain Resnais, etc.