Why am I seeing ads with my paid membership?

I’m a Charter Member, and I’m pretty sure my paid subscription is good for at least another five or six months; yet I’m seeing ads as I scroll through threads. Why is that?

The subscription system didn’t port over. And there’s no admin to fix it.

I have to turn off my ad-blockers to get inline youtube videos to work, when they’re off, I get ads as well.

Hm. I’m in the office today, using a PC. I use Adblock Plus on my Mac at home, and I haven’t noticed ads.

I’m running uBlock Origin and a pi-hole. If I shut off uBO so inline videos work, I get banner ads, about half of which get past the pi-hole, the other half just leave big empty spaces where the ads should be.

I’m not seeing actual ads, but I am seeing blanks with the word ADVERTISEMENT.

I’m using Chrome on Windows 10 (most often), with ad-blockers turned off for the SDMB.

Running Windows adblocker on Edge and Firefox.

I have Win10, Chrome, and AdBlock Plus.

I see zero ads but all YouTubes preview & display just fine. As do all other Discourse “one box” things. I’ve been impressed with how side-effect free ABP has been on this site.

So anyone unhappy with their config might try this one. it seems to be a winner.

Ditto here, except I don’t have ad blockers at all. No ads, just the blank ADVERTISEMENT.