Why are B2 bombers so expensive?

No one denies that B-2s are mothers to maintain. (Well, almost no one denies this. :wink: )

But maintenance factors into the plane’s cost of ownership, not its cost of acquisition.

In the 1994 Defense Authorization Act, Congress authorized 20 B-2’s for $44.65 Billion, or $2.2 Billion each acquisition cost. They also authorized an estimated life cycle cost of $49.9 Billion, or $2.9 Billion each, for a total of $4.7 Billion for each plane.

That’s about $36 from each taxpayer for each plane, or $720/taxpayer for the B-2 program.

It also means that these planes cost about 8 times their weight in gold to buy and operate!

good x-com reference toadspittle

I don´t buy that, the B2 is a subsonic airplane, there´s no way it can travel fast enought to generate enough friction heath to boil water.