Why are Christian Bookstores Allowed to Ban Books?

  1. I don’t see anyone here defending violence.

  2. “Canceling Dr. Seuss” or other corporate responses to culture shift do not constitute violence.

  3. Saying “We don’t want to listen to racist ideas,” is not violence.

  4. Telling a corporation, “We will boycot your product if you keep supporting racism/sexism/hate,” is not violence.

  5. People plotting to kidnap, try, and execute liberal governors and senators are doing violence.

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[French oceanographer]
:octopus: :tropical_fish: .

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To be fair, the post by Irishman that octopus replied “Oh boo hoo” to was not post #824 immediately preceding octopus’s post, but post #823 where Irishman remarked

And quite rightly, too. As I said a while ago in post #501, a white man who doesn’t want to sound like a seriously skeevy racist should not call a black man “son”. Whether or not he intends it in a racist way, that’s definitely how it comes across.

So octopus is still being kind of a jackass about this. But at least not so much of a jackass as to actually mock condemnation of a real-life right-wing plot to kidnap and murder Democratic politicians.

Although given the way that octopus ignores all the incidents of right-wing violence, but always pops up to pretend that he thinks that the liberal posters here are in favor of any violence committed by non-right-wingers, I’m not sure he deserves to be cut even that much slack on his continual jackassery.

You are correct. I did misunderstand what you were talking about. It’s great that you get that Kelly was racist.

However, I do not agree that it is plausible that the person who then dressed in blackface is not also racist. The problem is, to know that Kelly’s comment is mockworthy, you must already know that blackface is not acceptable.

It seems more plausible to me that the person used that as an excuse.

As for the cancel culture thing: my problem is that there isn’t really a middle ground here. Either we let individuals make these decisions, or we take away that freedom. As long as people have the freedoms that I state, people will boycott, advocate for firing, etc, for anyone they think deserves it. There’s no way to make sure that you will agree that they deserve it. Heck, you admit to being conservative, so you’re going to disagree with progressives.

I will say that, the vast majority of the time, I agree with the things being cancelled these days. There are some exceptions, but they tend to be right wingers who exploited the whole thing with disingenuousness, like when they went after Lindsay Ellis for a joke that mocked Nazis, acting like she actually was defending Nazis. And, even then, she’s now better off than she ever was.

I think the better focus is on stopping the bad things the mob does. The harassment. The bullying. The death threads. And the doxxing. We need to keep fighting that, while letting people have their freedom of speech to “cancel” people.

Because, at the end of the day, “cancelling” is just people voicing their opinions, and then other people legally acting on them.

And if it’s their opinion you disagree with or think is harmful, then go after that, and not this nebulous “cancel culture.” The more it gets attacked, the more people don’t feel heard and the more they keep on doing it.

Oh, and finally, I can’t seem to find which word you marked as “great word.” Maybe I’m just overlooking it, but it’s possible that the other asterisk got swallowed up by the formatting.

I’ll call anyone son, male female black white various shades of grey straight gay tall or short. Son.

I’m not into this weird infantilization of the so-called minority that the left is so keen on.

“Plausible deniability.”

It’s octopus. Implausible deniability.


yeah, nevermind, what’s the point, you just aren’t self aware are you?

Solid post, @BigT.

And people better not go after my Lindsay Ellis because I will cut a bitch.*


As crowmanyclouds pointed out, the “weird infantilization” here is in your own insistence on calling grown men “son”.

Nobody’s saying you can’t insult people in the Pit if you want to. But it’s no use your pretending that you’re not trying to be insulting when you call an adult black man “son”.