Why are the stars on the Republican elephant upside-down?


Why they did that, I can’t say, but I expect people just liked it better that way. **

I saw what you did there.

Is anyone else having trouble with “quote”? It disappears when I start to type.

Istanbul song, right?


Also an honest answer to the OP.

It looked like this.

I see they’ve updated the Wikipedia page to use a newer logo since I wrote that OP last year.

Whatever the reason for the upside down stars, it definitely predates George Bush.

From here:

I say some Democrat did it during the Nixon administration, and someone finally noticed.

The stars in it still point down, though.

Aye. That they do.

They don’t point down. They are rotated 72 degrees counterclockwise.

The stars on the GOP Elephant are dancing around like politicians!

Well, what’s in the down position of a clock face? The number 6.

So…6…6…and I dunno, if you flip the “p”, it looks a bit like a 6. Maybe the elephant sits on it to bend it to the right shape?

Is anyone surprised?

I was going to quibble over the left/right nature of “counterclockwise,” but I think given how the word “conservative” now means “reactionary,” you’ve got it exactly right.

I guess you could also say that they tilt 72 degrees to the right :slight_smile:

As much as I hate to moderate my own thread, zombie though it may be, everyone needs to remember that this is GQ, and we don’t allow political jabs here. Please stick to the question.

Was the math error a deliberate joke?

I took it as a joke, since rotating a 5-pointed star 72 degrees leaves it looking the same.

Uh, no :smack:

36.5 degrees :o

It’s just not my day. 36 degrees.