Why are there "Massage Parlors" in the Unites States?

I’m guessing “long-time”.

Okay, I just tried this. I found there’s an “asian massage parlor” about sixteen miles away. (And it appears to be a place offering actual massages and not sex.) But the strange thing it’s location is given as inside a deli. And apparently that’s for real; one of the reviews describes it as “nice with a large grocery store”.

Who wants to get a massage in a deli? Who wants to buy food from a place conducting massages?

Venn diagram reveals all.


While this is a thread about massage parlors and happy endings, let’s back off a bit on the racial stereotyping of Vietnamese prostitutes.

Funny, I thought that was stereotyping wives.

Well, prostitutes, wives, women in general- let’s leave all that crap at the door.

I worded things badly, and frankly inaccurately. I was trying to convey that even though this is a thread literally about prostitution, equating a wife and a prostitute and a Vietnamese woman and just… No. Let’s go with no.

Ok, I’ll let you live :wink:

I appreciate that :slight_smile:

A rub and a sub, what’s not to like?

“Yao Li Schwartz’ Deli And Massage: You Can’t Beat Our Meat…But We Can Beat Yours!”

They could play Hide the Salami.

I’d worry about the bacon slicer.

Oh, they fired her too.

Sorry, I thought this was the punchline thread.