Why are there no Mexican MLB teams?

Cause non of the players want to live in Mexico!!! J/K
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I respectfully beg to differ with how you downplay the control that drug dealers have in Mexico.

There is a virtual laundry list of politicians who have been arrested for corruption linked directly to narco-trafficking in this country, including state governors and people very close to the last President of Mexico himself! Go on Google, punch in “zedillo corruption”, and you should have a least a day of news to read.

You write off the assassination of the Chief of Police of Tijuana, many law enforcement officials, and a Presidential candidate as issues not of concern to ordinary people in Mexico. I don’t think you’d say the same thing if the Chief of Police of Los Angeles and John McCain were assassinated by drug dealers or individuals linked to other politcians.

Parts of Mexico are becoming increasingly dangerous. While accurate crime stats are hard to come by, it is estimated that serious violent crime doubled in Mexico City from 1996-1999. In 1999, 18% of citizens surveyed in MC said they were the victim of a violent crime in the LAST THREE MONTHS. Even to weed out people not answering honestly because you don’t buy the survey, if you cut that number to 6%, that’s still too high.

Here’s more info from the Dept. of State:



Agreed. In addition to Chiapas, there are also insurgencies in Guerrero and Oaxaca.


As stated, compared to other third world countries, Mexico ain’t bad. I would say Mexico City differs in two ways from Houston- millions have no water and sewer in Mexico City and the pollution is much worse. I would agree being well off in Mexico would be somewhat close to the United States, though I do have questions about security and the ability of health services, communications, and of course let’s not forget in many parts of Mexico you have to throw your TP into a trash can. Eeeeew.

**I think the factors that have to occur before MLB were to set up a team in Mexico (aside from whatever MLB internal reasons) is:

  1. Player salaries
  2. Relation of MLB and LMB and how the new franchise would be affected by a well established LMB league and vice versa.
  3. Is there really a strong baseball market in Mexico? For the LMB there is just enough, but for a MLB?

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Since this is not a General Debate forum, I’ll just make one comment on your response

Your TP?

As stated, if you live very well off, and if you are a MLB millionaire, the problems you stated would not any problems be it communications, health services (here and in the US, if you got $$$, health services ain’t no problem), security (enclosed neighborhoods, security, body guards, etc.), garbage disposal, etc. In Mexico, if you got $$$, it’s sweet living. I am not saying there ain’t no problems in Mexico. Afterall, if there weren’t, there would be no guerrilla movements (ERPI, EZLN, EPR), undocumented workers in the US, etc. But, I don’t think those are exclusive major factors that would impede an MLB franchise in Mexico.


Baseball historian Lee Allen elaborated on this in The National League Story (1961). Any longtime St. Louis Cardinals fan, for example, can attest to how the disruption of the Cardinals’ pennant drive without star pitcher Max Lanier (Jorge Pasquel’s Mexican League raided several clubs, including the Cards, whose owner Sam Breadon actually went to Mexico City and read Pasquel the riot act). Oddly enough, even without Lanier and some other players (Stan Musial, though in financial doldrums, turned down Pasquel’s offer), the Cards won the 1946 pennant and bested the Red Sox in the Series.
But Allen pointed something out: “Life in the enchilada circuit included poor diamonds, long rides in antiquated vehicles [between baseball fields], strange food, and unpalatable drinking water.”
Actually, the whole concept of the Mexican League–and the natural xenophobia ensuing from World War II, which had just ended–was, I would guess, enough to discourage the major leagues from enfranchising Mexican teams, and inertia being what it is, they still aren’t enthusiastic about it.

I doubt Mexico will get an MLB team.

Mexico City is too far up to get a team. Meaning if you put a field there, you get Coors Field times two.

Havana, Cuba will most likely get a AAA minor league or major league team once the communist Castro regime falls. (actually, they had the Havana Sugar Kings in the International League as Castro rose to power. Castro wanted to keep the team in Cuba, but the IL bailed.) There’s no ifs, ands or buts about it. Once Cuba recooperates from any adverse effects of communism, it will be a fertile plain for baseball, even more than near the fields of Hi Bithorn in San Juan.

I’m not sure Mexico is considered a Third World country these days.

Never been to Japan or Korea, eh?

Now they are some hardcore fans.


Michael Shumaker makes an estimated $45-55 million a year driving Formula 1 race cars for Ferrari. That doesn’t include getting a new Ferrari every year for free.

scratches head, puzzled Gee, last time I checked, there were no MLB teams in Japan or Korea. There are baseball teams there, yes, but… umm… MLB is still all the US, aside from Montreal and Toronto, and Montreal isn’t going to stay in Montreal for THAT much longer.

Money for a franchise isn’t the main obstacle. Carlos Peralta, a Mexican billionaire who owns a team in Puebla, tried to buy the Angels from Disney. That didn’t work out and now he has mentioned wanting to buy the Dodgers.

I think the biggest obstacle is players won’t want to play here. Signing free agents would be a lot harder for a team say in Monterrey or Mexico City. Although some players from the Carribean might sign, I doubt someone like say Tom Glavine or Ken Griffey Jr. would come down here to play. Language and cultural differences would be major considerations.

And Rick, the Mexico City Bandits would fit better geographically in one one the Central divisions but Monterrey would probably be a better choice. It’s only a couple of hours drive from the Rio Grande valley’s large Mexican population in southern Texas. Closer than Houston or Dallas.

My WAG is that it would depend on how Mexicans would view another Anglo franchise. It seems to have great potential. The TV revenues might exceed any existing MLB team. All of Latin America plus many millions of Mexican Americans as possible viewers.

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For some reason I interpreted the statement about MLB to be about Pro baseball.

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Another problem with a team in Mexico City would be atmospheric. The altitude in Mexico City is higher than Denver. The Dodgers and Mets played an exhibition game in Mexico City this spring and the scores were outlandish

:: Enters sheepishly :: Ahem, minor nitpick here, but Mexico isn’t Central America. Carry on. :: Exits ::

And I’ve had a person argue with me at the library where I work that Mexico is in Central America, despite my showing him several geographical reference sources that said otherwise.

I thought the guy was going to hit me over this.

Also, in retrospect, I’d call them the “Toros.” It works in both languages.

As to the issue of players not wanting to live in Mexico, I’m not sure that’s as big a problem as you might think. The MLBPA would likely agree to expansion into Mexico by virtue of the fact that the drawbacks of living there are offset by the creation of 25 new jobs (and actually, it would be 50, since expansion happens in pairs.) And frankly, I wouldn’t mind living there for awhile if you were paying me good money. I think a lot of people would say the same. My company has an office just outside Mexico City and the people we sent to live there love it.

As to the altitude, Mexico City wouldn’t be any worse than Colorado. Sure, the scores are really high, but so what? Adds some variety.