Why do all insurance commercials have to be funny nowadays?

Those crack me up. Especially the one where the guy gleefully declares “I’m a teenage girl!”:smiley:

I like the All State (I think it’s All State?) ad where the impending accident freezeframes, and the guy talks about all the things going wrong. There’s one where a guy is driving and eating Chinese takeaway, and the spokes person casually steals his food and walks off with it. :smiley:

I remember back in the 1970s when for college football you only got one or maybe two games on ABC on Saturday (now you are inundated with them). You’d get this great colorful opening with bands, cheerleaders, teams running on the field, Chris Schenkel in his always cheerful voice. Then they’d break to their primary sponsor, an insurance commercial with some young man packing grocery shelves saying how Dad planned for him to go to college and get a degree and good job but Dad didn’t plan on dying and now he has to work this. Real downer
to what should be an enjoyable afternoon.

I prefer Flo. Or Yogi talking about that insurance that if your’re hurt and miss work, it doesn’t hurt to miss work because they pay you cash which is just as good as money.

I believe that was John Travolta in this ad or one very much like it.

Was Ryan one of the guys Schillinger raped or was that just Tobias?

Now that’d be a funny ad . . . .

Throw in Adibisi just for the Hell of it.

Schillinger raped Ryan O’Reilly’s brother, Cyril, who was played by Scott William Winters- Dean’s real-life brother. Thought I saw Scott on some other ad a while back, either for insurance or some lawyer…

It occurred to me today that Prudential and New York Life still tend to take a strong, secure, serious tone.