Why do dumb people get assigned to answer the phone?

I had to call a well known craft superstore (not Michaels). I had to ask the clerk, we’ll call her “dumbfuckthatcan’tfigureoutthephone”, to put me through to department X. After 2 minutes of hearing her breathing and rubbing the phone all over the side of her head (I am assuming it was her head), she succeeds to put the call on hold.

Hold on…and on…and on…and on… Mind you I was trying to multitask so I wasn’t terribly in tune with just how long I was waiting. Finally get through only to be told I need to call back later as person I’m trying to reach isn’t there. Fine.

Approximately 1 and a half hour later I called back. Clerk, DFTCFOTP, answers. When I ask for department X again she says, “I’m sorry you’ve been on hold for so long”. She then proceeds to disconnect the call.

Since this is my first time posting a new thread, please go easy on me… just this first time*

It sounds to me like this girl was new and just hadn’t been taught how to use the phone properly. It seems a bit harsh to call her a “dumb fuck” for it. Of course, if she’s been working there years and has answered the phone everyday for the past 5 years, then yeah she’s dumb-ass.

I think that there has been a trend for companies to put low pay people on the front line. Often, the only people willing to accept such low pay either have a.) poor command of English or b.) poor command of their brain in general.

If a was one of those cigar-chomping fatcats, I’d put my best people in charge of handling customers. That’s likely why I’m not one of those cigar-chomping fatcats…

I’m going to change her name to “dumbASSthatcantfigureoutthephone” to give her the benefit of the doubt.

You’re right, I don’t know how long she worked there. If she’s new, then the clerk training her shall be called…“dumbfuckthatcanttrainworthshit”.

As a college intern at a major men’s magazine in 1988, I was trained in every aspect of magazine work — except one. I was expected to run the switchboard and direct all calls and inquiries correctly without any preparation other than a list of names and extension numbers.

It turned out that this was a rotating responsibility among all editorial staff, and was closely watched over by the editor-in-chief. The purpose was to give him an excuse to vent his considerable frustrations.

There’s no excuse for the receptionist to not know how to transfer calls or to at least give a good reason ahead of time for not knowing how…

At my last job, if the receptionist was out sick, the department managers had to fill the position, taking turns throughout the day… including yours truely here. Because I didn’t do it every day, more like every few months at best, there was more than one occasion where I hit a wrong button and either disconnected the caller or sent them into holding purgatory without knowing it.

…BUT I always warned the caller before hand. Once they told me who they wanted, I would say to them. “Ok, I’m going to try to transfer you now, but please bear with me as the receptionist is out sick and I’m just filling in. If I hang up on you it’s nothing personal, just call back and I’ll try again.”

I said it with a chuckle in my voice and they usually laughed too by the time I was done with my spiel. The few that had to call back were never angry about it and never complained.

The OPs receptionist just sounds like a ditz to me.

Why do dumb people call *in *to my company? Where I sit, I can see and hear the receptionist, and she regularly gets really crazy calls. People call in having seen a warehouse or an office for sale and want info on it. OK, good. But they don’t know where the hell it is. Sometimes they don’t even know what town they’re in! OooooK. And she’s supposed to just guess? From a list of over 200 properties?? Or even better, one person recently told her that it was near a pink house. Um… I’m sorry but our list of properties doesn’t include a description of every surrounding building in a two-block radius. Ugh. I feel her pain on those calls.